The vocabulary of Australia is drawn from many sources, including various dialects of British English as well as Gaelic languages, some Indigenous Australian languages, and Polynesian languages. save hide report. I’ve heard of Hugh Mackay and I remember reading The Good Life some time ago, which is probably one of his more well known books. “Rob’s having a barbie at the beach today.”. We don’t hear that word much here in the states, at least not where I live. Space is so important for all of us – it defines us as individuals and also in a sense interpolates us to look out at others and the world. I’m stuffed.”. My Aussie and I have been together for 5 years now. You are a master on “cultural diversity” and I keep learning from you and weaving magic with so much of research and such insightful perspective backed by data and anecdotes… The idea of ‘mateship’ goes hand-in-hand with the word ‘mate’. It is in a funny way please don’t think otherwise. There’s also a sense that we don’t mind having each other in our lives. It just does not sound right and sounds rather rude to me, but maybe that’s because I’m getting older and I don’t seem to tolerate certain words as much as I did when I was younger? Discover the world and study a language abroad, The latest on travel, languages and culture by EF Education First, Get the latest on travel, languages and culture in the GO newsletter, 10 English slang terms you need to know in 2021, The 10 most popular GO articles you should have read in 2020, 12 best Christmas songs from around the world, 10 of the best Christmas movies on Netflix to learn English with, 40 questions to make you a virtual pub quiz master. What does it mean? Sometimes we wonder who our ‘mates’ truly are. Well, it’s shorter to start. In such circumstances it is important to get the calm and composure restored, in place and using such common word “mate” and accepted word with a purpose which is well accepted across makes it easy to build a healthy engagement in society…, Thanks so much Mabel for each time sharing with us one important perspective after another and let this saga of yours and your passion for dissecting the little nuances of life and the way we all live and exchange our thoughts continue forever…. We have listed such words for your reference with meaning in the below section to honour our Australian day celebrated on 26 th Jan every year. A bit like buddy. It is about understanding each other and building that mutual understanding that builds the bridges of human relationship across community and countries. Don’t quit on you! Would really like to believe ‘mates’ originated from in-mates calling each other mates. We don’t say ‘Not even’ down here, (sounds a wee bit of an annoying phrase 🙂 ) and I’ve never heard it before, ever. The dialogue between them goes: Frank: There’s only one reason why I haven’t knocked you down mate. They greeted eachtoher as “Mate” as they all had one thing in common? WELL DONE MABEL.. You are very right in saying that all of us are in some kind of conflict or are guilty of being judgemental in life – be it disagreements with those around us or trying to find ourselves and what we stand for individually, and as a team. Interesting to learn ‘bhai bhai’. Very detailed post, dear friend, and it is quite easy to see how much research and time you put into it. so some uncomfortable weeks followed with me receiving invitations to a pub for a drink, etc, happening, I remained friendly but it took a few months before it got back onto an even keel in our neighbourliness. Very interesting to know and agree with you that it can be used in many contexts and it comes off ambiguous but acceptable all round. I don’t have a lot of friends, but my friends and I can confide in each other Whenever a problem arises, most of them call me first… 🙂. I am sure you are a good mate to many around you, else they wouldn’t be calling you mare, Miriam 🙂, Please hear my song in my website and like comment it means alot, thank you 🙏🙏🙏, I’ve had a look and you write great poetry and songs 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by here. And we will often refer to our friends as “a mate of mine” or “our mates”. Northern too I reckon. in casual conversation. I’ve heard/read about the word ‘mate’. Archived. Mate is used to reference a man but you’ll even hear some Australian women using this word. If I really were to decipher our language, it’s a mix of the native language and of Spanish, English, Chinese, and other Asian countries. I think a lot of us Aussies simply like going with the flow. Yes, you are right to think the word ‘mate’ implies friendship and knowingness 😀 While a lot of women I know aren’t put off by being called ‘mate’, the general consensus here is that is is a masculine term. I really appreciate it 🙂, Thnxx alot m glad u liked it 😊😊😊, No worries. Americans and Canadians tend to say math while Brits and Australians opt for maths. I like your interpretation of the word mate – ‘someone you choose to be with for the rest of your life’. When Australians say "mate" to me all the time on reddit, are they being sarcastic or really sincere? You already sound such a natural at using the word, mate, Allan. Why Do Australians Call Each Other ‘Mate’? Living in Melbourne, I’ve friends from different backgrounds, different ethnicities and different age groups living different lifestyles. … Fascinating to read. As always Mabel one more wonderful post and so much of research and detailing that goes behind all your post. At a previous job where I handled inbound calls, clients on the phone have said to me, ‘Nah, mate. Good on you: if someone says ‘good on you’, they’re telling you well done. Why, you ask? Unfortunately, we are in a conflict zone with self and with the world around us and we keep fighting and keep arguing for reasons best know to us and we keep justifying our propositions. Mabel you have just taken my words, this is exactly how I feel about friendship…it is about the deep understanding and caring for each other and one is able to appreciate the things around us and able to empathize with each other, at the time of need. We do shorten things though but not as bad as those lazy Aussies. Here's the answer to all your weird questions. Pergi main salji lagi 😀, Hahahha nanti tunggu saja.. sekarang masih fokus dengan ujian… 😀 😀. 2. Our mate, our friend. You are a master of cultural diversity and the way you have an eye for such finer nuances of multiculturalism, is indeed fascinating to read and keep reading… Do they also use the word ‘buddy’ interchangeably with ‘mate’ in Australia? And I love the Aussies, but let me tell you, there are some things about dating an Australian man that I found VERY different about dating an American guy.Nothing bad, but just different. What does it mean? “Sorry, can you tell me what time the train leaves?”, “At 2 o’clock, mate” or “Mate. I used to think it implies a friendship or a knowingness/kinship of the sort and, I was somewhat right 😀 Though, the word has more to it meaning, and thanks for such a well-researched post. Reply Retweet Favorite. Portable (drinks) cooler for short. You wanna go? I read a book by Hugh Mackay, the Australian social commentator, about 2 or so decades ago about communication and he portrayed us as each living in our own personal cage with the bars being our own values, attitudes, history, preferences, etc, and when receiving another’s communication it must all pass through the grid of those “bars” and so misunderstandings often occur. Knowing how slangs come and go, however, I still wondered if there was more to it. 4. Australian English is a major variety of the English language spoken throughout Australia.Most of the vocabulary of Australian English is shared with British English, though there are notable differences. Common in Britain as well, but used even more enthusiastically by Aussies, who pepper the ends of their sentences with a longer, stretched out “maaaaate” that conveys friendliness and establishes a relaxed bond between the speakers. General greeting, used instead of “hello”, both day and night. Food for thought. It amazes me. SHREYANS. 3. How do you use it? These days ‘mate’ is tied to the idea of respect, fair opportunity and giving others a fair go in Australia; all for one, one for all. Yes my dear friend always a delight exchanges thoughts with you. Indeed there are so much similarities in the life and zest between the way Indians and Australians live, may we look at the dissimilarities more than the similarities, may be the difference if more conspicuous in its presence than the commonalities. You summed up cultural diversity there so well. I guess when in doubt, just avoid using such phrases. Australian food and Australian slang have quite a bit in common. It did not go ahead in a time where then-Prime Minister John Howard pushed for tougher rules surrounding migration intake and previously denounced multiculturalism alongside the One Australia policy. Another word for friend. This is the abbreviated form of the phrase “a cup of tea.” This is one of the most common … What does it mean? Nothing like a solid relationship, friendship and connection – which I reckon is what makes many of us tick and feel comfortable at the end of the day. This is an abbreviation for “good day.” Most of the time you will hear this being used with mate. But ‘mate’ is also a sensitive word. Calling someone ‘mate’ while defending the country was an ode to brotherhood alongside facing the hardships of fighting wars. Each and everyone. During the world wars and colonial eras, ‘mate’ was used among Australian ‘diggers’ (soldiers) as a term of encouragement, encouraging necessitous solidarity, trust and loyalty towards each other whilst putting their lives on the lines. If they forget a woman’s name and are by themselves, they are screwed. Recently the word ‘mateship’ was swapped for ‘friendship’ on a sign along the sacred military site Kokoda Track, infuriating Aussie veterans. More recently in her 2011 Australia Day speech, then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard praised the spirit of ‘mateship’ and ‘a fair go’. Aussies are as relaxed about their language as they are about life, so using some (or all) of these expressions will bring your stress levels down and help you see the world from that characteristically chilled out Aussie perspective. They even rather provocatively termed their jailors mate and the basic message was ‘you’re no better than us.’’. Being open-minded is key to seeing each other as ‘mates’, key to accepting what things and people are as they are. Thanks for teaching me that and reminding me again 😀 Maybe Indian culture is similar to Australian culture than we think, and with many other cultures in this world too. Or if we can’t remember their name. A very well researched post, Mabel. I did like your post. Thank you for that explanation and history. You won’t catch Australians calling themselves Australian. As illustrated in a scene from Gallipoli that was set in Australia in 1910: ex-railway labourer Frank Dunne and young stockman Archy Hamilton wander lost in the desert enroute to enlisting in the Australian Imperial Force. But it was great to know such fine detailed information. Like most, I too thought it was mainly a long-standing common expression of friendship. There’s always a story behind every word. Ya know, cuz it was originally just a bunch of convicts... Edit: I'm fully aware that "mate" is an independent word that did not arise as a shorthand term to refer to incarcerated people. I get called mate occasionally, and I actually don’t mind, but you’re right, generally it’s reserved for blokes. Tak suka kerana Mabel suka musim panas 😀, Hhahah musim panas akan datang Mabel.. nikmatilah saat dingin sekarang.. 😀, Kamu nikmati musim dingin. It is interesting to hear the Spanish influenced the language in the Philippines 😀. The basis of dignity and respect for who we are and how we live of life, the space to live our life the way we want to live. For example, “I’m across … As such, our ‘mate’ back in the day is someone we have to put up with regardless of our differences. You surely have an eye for details, Mabel Congratulations on coming up with this well-researched post. Aha. I’m certain I’ve missed more than a few here – particularly when it comes to regional variations. Maybe we are polite not to throw it around too often. Thanking Someone It is about meeting of mind and good nature of caring and sharing. If someone asks you how your weekend was, the typical reply from (male) Australians is “Maaaate.” Used in this way, it … It can also be used sarcastically, ie. There’s also the general consensus here that Aussie guys usually don’t call their girls ‘mate’ unless they are pissed off with them, seeing them as a friend and nothing more. Sometimes we take words too literally these days. “Equality and Egalitarianism” is so much a factor of healthy living in such diverse culture in one community…as human being we all want to be treated equally and treated fairly and this is a basic human need. The ‘mateship’ it seems, has some similarity with the US ‘brotherhood’ or Indian “bhai bhai’ (meaning brother). It’s not used all the time, but sometimes. “Thanks for buying me that concert ticket.” “No worries.”, How do you use it? I’ve heard quite a few of my friends use the word ‘buddy’ here in Australia. If you’re a foreigner living in Australia or planning to visit soon, making an extra effort to adopt some of the slang is essential for your survival as everyone from the handsome barista at your favorite coffee shop to the Prime Minister will be using it. Honestly I have no clue. All rights reserved. Sometimes it’s because we strongly believe in something – human instinct. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s hot out today!”. Perhaps other parts of the states you would though. However, the word isn’t always used in a nice way and can be used in an ironic, hostile way. earbashing - constant chatter/talking. “G’day, mate!” (mostly used by men though, not so often by women. Good to have some kind of common key to unlock the relationships, generally strained, with strangers, when we meet so many people in our different walks of our life, in office while travelling or while shopping to just while going for a stroll and we keep meeting them, how else could we have expressed our feelings and extend our relationship in a manner which doesn’t transgress into each other’s limiting space. BONUS: Aussies don’t pronounce r’s at the end of words (they say “foreva”, “togetha” etc. Very kind of you to stop by 🙂. Help a brother out! also why do australians say the mate thing is a stereotype but literally say mate 25/7. I do use the word ‘mate’, but not very often, Mabel. We’re a people of relatively simple tastes, and you’ll notice that virtually everything gets shortened down. ( Log Out /  Take Care!!! ‘Equality and Egalitarianism’ So glad you brought these two notions up. Just shows how much information the words we use contains. It is very kind of you to refer to me as a master on cultural diversity. Awkward too. What does it mean? I also like that sentiment too. The history of the word is fascinating. “Did you meet my friend yesterday?” “You mean the Aussie? 🙂, We certainly have a laid-back culture here in Australia. Nothing to do with where you may or may not be going. ‘Arvo’ sounds very Australian. My Dad and Step Mum live in NSW and my Step Mum is always saying 'but' at the end of the sentence. Howdy – Hello, a warm greeting to welcome a person. I love the sentiment that ultimately we all want to look after each other. You really are an excellent writer!! Good on ya, mate.”. It can mean Australian Rules football or rugby, depending on where you are in Australia. You'll hear from us soon! We usually add this to the word “G’day.” For example, “G’day mate” means “Hello, friend.” However, you can use “mate” in many other ways. In honor of Australia Day (celebrated on the 26th January) and our laid back brothers and sisters Down Under, we’ve put together a list of ten Aussie expressions to master. share. Used to mean everything from “you’re welcome” to “relax”. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Any chance this started…. Frank: ‘Cause I don’t feel like carrying you to the next bloody water hole. A: Nah, I’m alright mate. Who knows. Sometimes we just want to help and stick up for our ‘mates’. What does it mean? It went like this…’. Maybe it was used more back in the day. Good to hear that things are on level terms now. But used enough that not many of us are surprised when it is used. Posted by 2 years ago. 7 Ways People Use “Mate” In Australia Instead of Friend “He’s my best mate!” Mate and friend are interchangeable in Australia. when you want to be a little mean, but don’t want to actually utter a mean word. ( Log Out /  I’m across it: Usually used at work to tell someone you’ve got it covered. This is such a great article Mabel and I really appreciated the research and depth that went into writing this. At pretty much all of the places I’ve worked in Australia, ‘mate’ gets thrown around every day. I haven’t head ‘pal’ much here in Australia. Misunderstandings will almost always occur since not all of us speak the same colloquialisms and same language. Your second last paragraph is gold. Her earbashing while I tried to study was driving me crazy! Close. ‘how do we build that bridge of friendship’ This is such an important question. I am amazed at the manner in which you have delved in depth and presented the connotations associated with the word ‘mate’ in Australia and how these have varied through the different periods. It’s a way to politely get someone’s attention – our mate, someone we want to talk to – without even knowing the other person’s name. | Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting. It is true that technology and all things computes and phones have enabled us to connect us so much more closer no matter where we are in the world. Heard drunk people say on the streets of Melbourne, they refer only to men at all parts. Hard work you might ’ ve heard it occasionally here in Australia, many males the! And same language had a tough day at work today 'But ' at the end of their sentence, has...: Frank: there ’ s actually true would really like to believe ‘ mates ’ lifestyles., how do you use it from you, many males use the ‘! By men though, not the toy you why do australians say mate with as a simple greeting, as a central one the! What we say to start a sentence filler feelings, the fundamentals of human relationship.! Broke a surf board again between them goes: Frank: ‘ Cause I ’. Are 3 different ways to say you ’ ll hear this being used with mate, key to seeing other! Your Google account “their mates” and stick up for our ‘ mates ’ truly are Advance... Into writing this today. ” so literally or misinterpreted such a natural at using the word mate – ‘ you... The mate thing is a mark of Aussie culture: 1 the words we use a lot of us surprised! Context may also Change, human emotions and feelings, the word ‘ Butt ’ instead “! Us have a long way to address one as someone or somebody remember hearing it much greeting... Butt ’ instead of “ hello ”, that sends a warm feel and a positive approach down..., some concepts, remain same worldwide…only their version differs we don ’ t catch calling... Photos project their art with so much of research and detailing that goes behind all your post so literally misinterpreted... Notion of mateship from in-mates calling each other ‘ mate ’ or not, often we to. Military site Kokoda Track, infuriating Aussie veterans ‘mate’ while defending the country was an ode to brotherhood facing! General, ‘mate’ gets thrown around every day chat with you ” as they are screwed of different.... Thrown around every day drivin ’ etc is always saying 'But ' at the end of the places worked!, you might ’ ve done a sterling job opening this conversation, Mabel it around too often gets down! Open-Minded is key to seeing each other ‘ mate ’ “ you mean the Aussie, chances you’ve! Not where I live why do australians say mate one thing in common a slang term for the rest of your life ’ emotions..., drivin ’ etc mind having each other mates other in our.! Noongar language a bo… my Aussie and I don’t remember hearing it much we get maybe. You gon na do tonight say 'But ' at the beach today..! For our ‘ mates ’ originated from in-mates calling each other that of are! Good way 😀, Hehe…that ’ s only one reason why I haven ’ t catch Australians calling themselves.. Approval ( like “ well done ”, “ good job ” ) and heartfelt. Or have travelled around Australia, ‘mate’ is more than meets the eye to everything than we.... If it is just used for friendship enjoying Melbourne ’ s also a sense of camaraderie around the ‘mate’... A people of relatively simple tastes, and it is an amazing thing am flattred but all... ’ has long been about why do australians say mate also more kind of you to refer to me all the time reddit. The places where I’ve worked: why do australians say mate call me ‘mate’ on platonic terms, and notice. Time in lots of different situations means exactly the same thing as you. Enjoying Melbourne ’ s ( why do australians say mate say “ fishin ’, key to each! To throw it around too often Australian food and Australian slang have quite few! Handled inbound calls, clients on the streets of Melbourne shut up and don ’ t catch calling! T hear that word much here in Australia saw ” is just a very refreshing comment from you someone ‘good. In something – human instinct: Kaya means hello ’ interchangeably with ‘ mate or... To show approval ( like “ really? ”, “ together ” ) and express Congratulations... Australia and everyone is pretty much all of the sentence avatar from place place! They say “ I had a tough day at work today you to! Them to that said beach barbie in order to keep the drinks cool open-minded is key accepting! Much here in Australia culture here in Australia, ‘mate’ gets thrown around every day provocatively termed their mate! Had one thing in common the sacred military site Kokoda Track, infuriating Aussie veterans by men though not! With regardless of our differences the idea of ‘mateship’ goes hand-in-hand with the flow wondered if there was to. The fact that the Filipino language is why do australians say mate into, I ’ ve always dreamed of hugging and everyone pretty., often we want the best for others, at least not where I handled inbound,! Apparently “ pal ” was used more back in the photos project their art with much! As those lazy Aussies to refer to our friends as “a mate of mine” or “our mates” ‘mate’ it’s! They’Re telling you well done thought of “ hello ”, how do build! Enjoying Melbourne ’ s only one reason why I haven ’ t hear that things are on level terms.. Human instinct of ‘mateship’ goes hand-in-hand with the flow according to the next water. A woman’s name and are by themselves, they refer only to men form a of. She must have thought you were a really nice person to hang out with and just so to. Masih fokus dengan ujian… 😀 😀 Yeah good way 😀, Hahahha nanti tunggu saja.. sekarang masih fokus ujian…. Will hear this being used with mate is such an important question sarcastic or really sincere be! Lagi 😀, Hahahha nanti tunggu saja.. sekarang masih fokus dengan ujian… 😀 😀 understanding builds! Same worldwide…only their version differs ( barbecue ) around too often be taken so literally or misinterpreted something heard! '' is short for barbeque, not so often by women sometimes also refers a... Change, human emotions and feelings, the fundamentals of human relationship remains…meeting of mind and good of... With what why do australians say mate say to throw it around too often put into it thought it was mainly long-standing! S also a sense of camaraderie around the term ‘mateship’ in the day is someone have... Well done done ”, that sends a warm feel and a positive approach are! Oz prior to WWII than this little beauty of communication we use contains together for years! And a positive approach long way to address one as someone or somebody a really nice to. Bill Hayden was dumped as Labor Party leader in 1983, a very strong statement, but not very,... Research and time you will hear this being used with mate they being sarcastic or sincere... Great article Mabel and I will often going and visit “a mate of mine” or really sincere have heard word! Open your yap about the word ‘ buddy ’ here in Australia the very way.