I purchased two cotton covers separately It was very easy to assemble, it took 5 mins to put together without any assembly instructions. $26.99 0 bids + shipping . When Is It Safe? Summer Infant by Your Side Sleeper is another great way to have your baby next to your bed. This is certainly the case when your baby is swaddled, “These have been our favorite swaddles! (43) 43 product ratings - SwaddleMe by Your Side Sleeper, Deluxe. Definitely one of the best things I purchased for my newborn.” Brooke Applegate, Amazon.com shopper. There are three different versions of the SwaddleMe available. Report an Issue  |  Slide locking mechanism in di rection of a ow until an audible click is heard (Figure K). One of these options is a product called SwaddleMe. When it comes to co-sleeping, many have their reservations, what's with the risks associated with it which is why at the very most, parents use bedside sleepers like this (or this) as a co-sleeping arrangement.. With the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper though, you can truly achieve co-sleeping with your baby on the same bed. I can change my little man in the middle of the night with minimal effort, and he usually sleeps right through it thanks to these swaddles and a. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper is the best product for safe co-sleeping since it permits you to monitor your baby, which is owned to the mesh stuff used These should always be followed for your baby's safety. Keep this instruction manual for future reference. babybassinetworld. Fabric Care Instructions: Machine Wash Warm with Like Colors. The leg pouch at the bottom opens for easy diaper changes, meaning that there is no need to remove your baby from the SwaddleMe altogether. Again it may not seem like much but needs to be taken into consideration when dressing a baby for bed especially in warmer climates. The velcro makes them easy to use, and the zipper along the bottom is a game-changer for the middle of the night, “Absolutely amazing product! It has the same features as the Original but with one key addition, the easy change zipper. How to Use a Swaddleme Swaddling Blanket. It provides a safe and spacious sleeping room for a baby. The model number is located on the cross bar tube of the frame between the two upright tubes. They respond by jerking their body or arching their back and extending their arms and legs and then curling back up. I purchased two cotton covers separately for this. It was very easy to assemble, it took 5 mins to put together without any assembly instructions. The SwaddleMe By Your Side sleeper is safe to use for all newborns. Straps keep the bassinet secure to your bed. There are larger Swaddle sacks that enable you to swaddle while still leaving your baby’s arms free. It has a simple one zip closing system that makes swaddling your baby super simple. Good product to take to a hotel or to grandmas for a nap, but wouldn't recommend it for everyday use during the first few days. Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo and Conditioner Like…, What’s It Mean When Baby Bends Over And Looks Through Legs. You swaddle your baby using the same technique as the SwaddleMe Original. This swaddle me baby sleeper also comes up with swaddle me by your side sleeper instructions. It does have a tog rating of 0.5, which may not seem very high, but you need to keep in mind when dressing your baby for bed, especially in the warmer months. “These are much easier to use than traditional swaddles and keeps my son nice and calm for sleep. Opens image gallery. Recent Reviews. The Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper provides a cozy and comfortable sleeping space with mesh sides that circulate air and provide easy access to soothe baby. Does the SwaddleMe offer the option to have your baby’s arms out? Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper - Sleep Safe With Baby - Sleeper with Mesh Sides - Folds Compact - Sturdy Metal Frame - Mattress Pad and Fitted Sheet IncludedThe By Your Side Sleeper provides a cozy and comfortable environment for co-sleeping with baby. The SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper is made from 100% polyester. These include the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper, the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest, the Abreeze Bassinet Lounger, the CuddleNest, and the Smiling Gaia Baby Lounger Nest. side sleeper baby bed summer infant swaddleme by your side Do Diapers Expire? This is a baby by your side co-sleeper that comes up with 5 different colors. The pod is made from a cotton blend that stretches with your baby’s movements, providing a comfortable and soft experience. Adult assembly required. Ensure that your baby’s right arm is tucked in by their side and pull the wing across their body, fastening it at their chest with hook and loop fastening. They are saying that it is versatile and soft and that the zipper is a game-changer for nighttime diaper changes. The SwaddleMe LUXE has been designed with convenience for both baby and parent in mind. Repeat on other side. My baby will be born in the winter – will the SwaddleMe fit over a onesie for added warmth? Archived . Page 1 Inclined Bedside Sleeper INSTRUCTION MANUAL Thank you for purchasing the By Your Bed Sleeper by Summer Infant. All-around mesh sides ensure your little one doesn’t overheat and provides a clear view of baby. You layout the SwaddleMe Original flat and place your baby on their back on the SwaddleMe. Safe Sleep and Your Baby- How Parents Can Reduce the Risk of SIDS and Suffocation. CDN$198.97. The SwaddleMe swaddling blanket is an adjustable wrap that makes it easy to wrap your baby snugly 1. is designed for newborns and is even suitable for premature babies. SwaddleMe® Small Chalkboard Woodland Cotton Swaddle in White. by SwaddleMe The By Your Side Sleeper provides a safe and comfortable environment for bed-sharing with baby. It was easy to clean as well. You can choose from the original co-sleeper, the deluxe, or a bassinet. But this response can often wake a young baby from their sleep and often scares them, making them cry. The SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper has not been recalled, but due to the lack of CPSC safety guidelines, we no longer recommend it—or in-bed sleepers … Only their body should be wrapped, leaving their neck and head open and free to move around. Hello BeyondtheBumpers, I am pregnant with my first but I have a questions about a baby product so I thought it might make more sense to ask over here (hope this ok!). The SwaddleMe Original is an award-winning product of 2017 and is designed to make swaddling your baby more straightforward and uncomplicated for parents. Visitors who like Ikuby best travel crib may find more cheap baby crib reviews at “Top 10 Best Portable Crib 2020: Comprehensive Review & Ultimate Buying Guide“. Use non - chlorine bleach only if needed. SAFE BY YOUR SIDE: Sleep close to your baby with this co sleeping, bedside sleeper/crib, knowing they are safe and in easy reach when ready to nurse, breastfeed or feed. $19.99. SwaddleMe pod recreates the comfort of mothers womb and prevents the startle reflex that can wake your infant, Simple zip-up solution for secure swaddling, Soft, comfortable spandex cotton blend stretches with babys movement for comfort.