For questions, call or use our online contact form. The local shed installation branch will be contacting you within 7-14 days to review your order and set your install date. Builder arrival times are set for either morning (8am-12pm) or afternoon (12pm-4pm); Weather permitting. Shed Assembly Prices. The Home Depot offers wood, vinyl and steel sheds as DIY projects, and also has installation services available for wood sheds as well. A garden shed is a perfect storage solution outside your home. But you can build it yourself for $745, the cost of the shed, floor kit, plywood and … Some areas in New Zealand will incur a small travel fee, please contact us if you are unsure whether we service your area. A large rural use shed which you’ll see on farms will range all the way up to $20,000. We wanted a shed constructed on a solid concrete base rather than patio slabs; a larger shed may contain heavier items, so it made sense to us. Vinyl storage sheds and garages have 30-year architectural shingles with felt paper and 4-by-4 pressure-treated foundation skids with pressure-treated 2-by-4 floor joists factored into the low storage shed price. The majority will fall somewhere in between. On average, sheds are 8 feet by 10 feet. ... It’s not necessary to be present for the entire phase of assembly. But for a quick, simple range, a basic 2m X 2m garden shed made from Zincalume (steel), will cost around $500 for a kit. Question by juddgirl: WHAT WOULD BE THE COST TO HIRE 6X8 METAL SHED ASSEMBLY Avg price: £400-£800. Here’s where the cost of installing a garden shed can get a little tricky. Spend time studying the assembly instructions so you understand how it goes together and in what order. Duration: 2-4 days. So far, we’ve looked at the basics of garden shed installation only. Although our garden is fairly small, we also sourced prices for a larger garden shed. Cost Example 2 – A Larger 12ft x 8ft Shed on a Concrete Base. They will recommend a local, accredited installer, but installation is at the discretion of the member, and installation costs are not included with purchase. You can buy a 6-by-8-foot steel shed and have it assembled by a handyman for $875. Shop with us to find a great shed cost and fantastic Amish-quality craftsmanship. The assembly time on these varies greatly by size and complexity. Shed Prices – What Does it Cost to Build a New Shed? — Contact Amarr Customer Service: (888) 661-4575 Shed Installation: The average cost for a new shed is roughly £600 which includes the cost of the shed itself and hiring a tradesman to carry out the work. Average cost … Probably about $25-40/hr for a Handyman or Landscaping company person, about double that if large enough that it needs metalworkers to assemble and do NOT count yourself in that - they will not want to work with the owner helping for large metal building assembly. In some cases, it can be used as a garage. Garden Shed Assembly At Sheds and Shelters we offer an onsite Garden Shed Assembly service for your steel shed, wooden shed, summer house or garden room New Zealand wide. Most reviews say it’ll take two people about eight hours for a larger 100 square foot building. How Much to Build a Shed? The obvious answer is “it depends”. If you’re aiming for maximum storage space, you may buy one that’s as big as 10 feet by 20 feet. The average cost depends on your shed being a normal size. Another hidden cost of a DIY shed is material waste. Plus maybe $50-100 in materials such as Hilti bolts to fasten to the concrete. Yes, there is a cost to having a shed built on your property. To learn more about our installation services, please see these links on You need to think through this when you design your shed.