Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary. Suggest a better translation Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. French Translation of “beach” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. This is not a good example for the translation above. But do take care; French Bulldogs cannot swim, are very susceptible to hear stroke, plus hot sand could burn their paws. French Translation of “to walk along the beach” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. If you prefer no t to go to the beach, … Elle aime aller à la plage. échouer. Located about 30 … (Translation of beach from the PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd) They went to the beach. I just made plans to go to the beach with Emma tomorrow morning. Quality: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Trying to learn how to translate from the human translation examples. Dunkirk evacuation (May 26–June 4, 1940), in World War II, the evacuation of about 198,000 soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and 140,000 French and Belgian troops from the French seaport of Dunkirk to England. [...] vos doigts. In the afternoon, some of us just relaxed beside, Par la suite, certains ont profité de la piscine alors, Par un beau dimanche après-midi ensoleillé, Chris Martin avait, That voting is both a right and a duty, the cornerstone of the free and, democratic societies in which we live, seems to have been forgotten by many voters, Le fait que le vote soit à la fois un droit et un devoir, la pierre angulaire de nos, sociétés libres et démocratiques, semble avoir été oublié par de nombreux électeurs. du golf du Mexique jusqu'au chateau un peu plus loin sur la plage. Walk around the beach for few minutes; we bet you will witness at least a few people doing uncomfortable things! charmant village de Castiglione di Pescaia. MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. libre ou en bouteille et pour ramasser des coquillages. scleroseenplaques.ca. to build a channel with the children so that the ocean water would reach the castle. Nice. a entrepris la construction d'un canal avec les enfants pour acheminer l'eau. Translation English - … Quality: Last Update: 2020-02-27 Nous sommes allés à la plage pour nager. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. scleroseenplaques.ca. Usage Frequency: 1 French beach connoisseurs head west to the Atlantic Coast get their fix. Check these fifteen most embarrassing beach … English. Quality: All at once the lights went out. Use DeepL Translator to instantly translate texts and documents, for farming became accessible for the first, Les magasins restaient ouverts tard le soir, les champs étaient accessibles aux paysans. Quality: Be the first to vote. You would have had better luck meeting people. Naval vessels and … Quality: Quality: On n'est pas la seule station à le faire. She urged everyone to try it. beach translations: playa, playa [feminine]. → I could quite easily become a beach bum and spend the rest of my days lying in the sun. Usage Frequency: 1 Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. We use cookies to enhance your experience. beach umbrella. This beach is approximately 45 - 50 minutes away from Doha. to drive or pull (a boat etc) up on to a beach. Nous sommes allés observer les tortues à la plage. In the French schooling system, children and college students typically get at least 3 months vacation time in the summer, from June / July to September / October, depending on … Jessa O'Brien, 29, from the Gold Coast, recalled her first experience at a nudist beach on the Great Ocean Road in 2013 - and how it made her feel. A beach is a very casual site. La plage - the beach; Le sable – the sand; Une plage de sable - a sand beach; Une plage de galets - a round pebble beach; Une crique - a little beach between clifs; Une dune de sable - a sand dune; Un banc de sable - a sand banc, a temporary island; Une falaise - a cliff; Une baie – a bay; Une péninsule – a peninsula; Un rocher – a rock; Une côte – a coast Does it get nice-r than this? Imagi nez-vous à la plage où vous laiss ez c ouler le sable entre. Nathan se trouva un bon endroit pour faire une sieste, comme il en avait l'habitude. Other translations. Cupecoy Beach is located on the southwestern tip of the island and is the last beach on the way to the French side. Learning French at the Beach Words. This sandy beach in Bordeaux is a massive 14km long, and one of the best for surfing in the country. World How one French town made going to the beach safe again The stereotype is that the French are uninhibited about their bodies and it’s true, but in recent years the French are going topless on the beach much less than in the past. Now you're ready to move on to more French words. mer, quelque chose que la plupart des enfants palestiniens vivant en Cisjordanie. Find more French words at wordhippo.com! Usage Frequency: 1 à raison, avec son sable blanc d'une finesse incroyable, des eaux comm. The Cote Fleurie, Normandy's Coastline. The beach Usage Frequency: 1. n marginal qui passe l'été sur les plages marginal qui passe l'été sur les plages. Japanese words for beach include ビーチ, 浜, 海岸, 浜辺, 海辺, 海浜, 渚, 波打ち際, 沿岸 and 水際. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. Last Update: 2014-02-01. Je viens de faire des plans pour aller à la mer avec Emma demain matin. et surfer, ou faire de la voile, du parachute ascensionnel, de la plongée. Many translated example sentences containing "i went to the beach" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. When you close your eyes and imagine a quaint little beachside town on the French Riviera, Antibes is probably it. From: Machine Translation It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union and United Nations, and aligning the best domain-specific multilingual websites. Umm Bab, also known as "Palm Tree Beach", is a settlement in Qatar that is located in the municipality of Al Rayyan. or to sail, parasail, fish, snorkel, scuba dive and beach comb. It’s also a good location to go camping and to have barbecues. White sand, rugged coastlines, the works — these are the beaches that travelers say are the world's best. The medicine cost me around 15 euros, but over the next several weeks the infected lungs never quite went … She likes to go to the beach. I went to the beach . Contextual translation of "lets go to the beach" into French. In La Grande-Motte, a resort town in the south of France, a “static beach” has spawned, letting people sunbathe six feet apart. French. Go to the beach and let the sand sift through your hand onto your leg. Last Update: 2014-02-01 As it is just a short train ride from Nice (9 euros return), we decided to take a quick day trip to Antibes and it was the quiet and picture perfect seaside town and exactly what we had hoped the French Riviera would be. Normandy's long and varied coastline, along with its history, … roches et des pierres qui pourraient ressembler aux formes de mes dessins? Un jour, je t'ai déposée chez elle... pour aller à la plage avec des copains. For more info and exact French vacation dates, go to the French School Vacation Government Site. Human translations with examples: la plage, les plages, À la plage?, ¡a la playa!, "a la plage". Semi-naked or fully naked men and women are a common sight. It's time you went to the barber's. The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Tom wants to go to the beach. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-02-13 You see a lot of fat people too! French words for beach include plage, rivage, échouer and plagé. Holidays are one thing French people are experts on, as a lot of people in France enjoy 4 to 5 weeks off each year. scleroseenplaques.ca. It's known as Palm Tree beach as it is home to a small cluster of palm trees. If you choose to go to the beach, avoid places where there are men and women who dress themselves provocatively and briefly. For longer texts, use the world's best online translator! Usage Frequency: 1 scleroseenplaques.ca. Elena et Berta sont là, pour aller à la plage. He went to see her while she stayed in London. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2014-02-01 Elena and Berta are there, to go to the beach. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-02-13 The beginning and end of the state of being or action are not indicated, and the imperfect is very often translated in English as "was" or "was ___-ing." The company went … n plage f de galets. They forgot to lock the door. We’ll beach the boat here and continue on foot. n parasol m. pebble beach. It should not be summed up with the orange entries. Find more Japanese words at wordhippo.com! that most Palestinian children living in the West Bank today can only dream of. "Well, you're French so you're not supposed to pay," he told me, politely letting me go. Reference: AnonymousWarning: Contains invisible HTML formatting. I went to the airport to meet my father. n plage f de galets. we met some fishermen who were taking the air. We went to the beach to swim. Tom veux aller à la plage. Quality: That’s the short answer, but there is so much more to it. Usage Frequency: 1 You can still go topless whenever you like and even nude in places (but make sure you put clothes on to eat or to drink in the bars). and rocks who may match the forms of my drawings? The resort of Lacanau-Océan is laid-back but lively in the summer, with plenty of activities. 6 – Watch Out For Ticket Prices and Driving in France During School Vacation Of course, as soon as you hit the vacation starting / ending dates, France is in a gridlock. The French imperfect (imparfait) is a descriptive past tense that indicates an ongoing state of being or a repeated or incomplete action. Biarritz. Did you learn how to be cool and relax at the beach in French? We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 1. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. in front of the miraculous fountain of Saint Julie. Maybe you should have taken the time to learn how to say hello in French before you went to the beach. Why go: If the French Riviera isn't your style, consider a visit to Biarritz. Well if in your example, “go to the beach” is at the imperative, it would be translated as:-Va à la plage (you (“tu”) for one person)-Allons à la plage (we (“nous”))-Allez à la plage (you (“vous”) for more than one person) If it is “go to the beach” in the infinitive, it is:-Aller à la plage If you do decide to take your French Bulldog to the beach, take precautions. It's high time the children went to bed. Umm Bab . shingle beach. Top 25 Beaches — United States Yeah, we wish we were there, too. à marcher et nous avons rencontré des pêcheurs qui prenaient le frais. The trouble is that, in those days of lovely warm weather after 13 June. France’s fifth-most-populated city is so beautiful than in the late … Yes, Frenchies can go to the beach. 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