starting problem Bike is No Doubt Very Nice Stop thinking about bike go blindly for hero honda passion pro new edition. The Hero Honda Passion pro is perfect bike for perfect poeple. Find here Hero Bike Spare Parts dealers, retailers, stores & distributors. If your daily travelling on bike exceeds 100kms then go for bikes which has higher CC engine like 150CC or more. About stability and vibration -people try to understand we are talking abt a bike of capacity 100cc and which gives us nearly 65kmpl……and not about 150cc and above cadre bikes(they dont vibrate at 65-70’s but they also do).To resolve vibrating problem tell the service people to do their job accurately(tighten the parts effectively).i rode my bike at 85+ very frequently times….more than these speeds 100c bikes cant handle.when ever i tried to stop abruptly from that speed it skids a little MIND U it just skids a little……but doesnt get unstable…ask the service men to make ur bike gearup. 1.HONDA SHINE You can compare bike insurance policies offered by all the top-rated insurers in India for Hero Honda Passion Plus at InsuranceDekho and choose the plan which best suits your needs. i will be buyin a bike after 3 months. budget? wetin 4 ur reply.. honda stunner is the bes bike with in your segment & budget & yes also according to your needs honda is any time relaible than any other companies go for stunner dude it can also beat pulsar 150cc aaram se i personally experienced it enjoy, hi passion pro has–new style,eletric start,better milage… And i want u to tell me the right time of its release? all the colours in this bike are similar to the old ones only with a different design. Hero Passion Pro BS4 Highlights. @Sai, dude,u need to elaborate a bit more as far as ur needs are concerned… speed and highway riding gives me an indication that u wud rather go for higher CC bikes.. Such a plain jane design. I had purchased the Passion Pro Bike on 17th October 2010. New and used (second hand) Hero-Honda Motorcycles for sale in Sri Lanka. not servecing correctly, i like it this is very good bike for mileage and style. I want to buy a bike now But i totaly confused bcs hero honda super splender better or passion pro is better. It means tremendous volume of traffic in all parts of the city. 1.HONDA SHINE View comments, questions and answers at the 2011 Hero Honda Passion Pro discussion group. You get only looks with Glamour. listn guys dont get confusd by mixing your thoughts. The bike looks good but the instrument panel is horrible. Hi Friends, Hero Honda PASSION PRO - Buy All Spares Including Body Parts,Engine Parts,Shock Absorbers,Clutch Parts,Gear Parts,Carburetor Parts,Wheels,Suspension Parts for Passion pro at India's Best Online Shopping Store For Motorcycles,Bikes,Scooters & Scooty. 9)Driving at 100 km/h for 5 min-your whole body will vibrated so badly that after u stop you can feel that after effect. Hero Passion was first introduced in the two-wheeler segment in 2001 and has been winning hearts over since its inception. I am pushkar joshi from pune . i also have selected bajaj platina 125 dts si…its claiming 112 kmpl…but i have seen a huge number of platinas on the road of kolkata…the colour of platina gets blurred after a few days……….and i also have heard that HH passion pro have a starting problem when kept steady in garage for a few days… it correct ??? yea even i thinking of r15 and karizma.but i am a fan of zma and hero honda showroom owner, as there will be new model of zma, shud i wait or buy zma or r15? i agree with @daksh… Here you can find out the Passion Plus price, specs, features, mileage, images and review. Bajaj Discover- not reliable? Hi everybody, I am Ragu. 10)About maintenances- you got to just change engine oil after every 2000 kms and try to add fuel injector will you add petrol for keeping the carbonator clean so as to get more mileage and less vibration. But there are some other things such as. It has a muscular tank with trip tone graphics that give the bike an aesthetic look. bike looks bad in website but looks good in real this bike is good for middle class person who expect mileage and some style and 0 maintainence .. i made research around 2 months to get a bike 1.HERO HONDA PASSION PRO suggest me shall i go for Passion pro or otherwise pls suggest me some good bike with good mileage,good look,low maiantainance. Hero MotoCorp as a company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. kindly advice me which bike is better. Thanks.. what bike shall i buy? Follow us on 22 nd Aug 2020 8:00 am. SPLENDOR PLUS Even though the bike is not so good looking but at least the upgrades are better than the CBZ Extremes.This is only for the old people ,between the age of 40-55 and I don’t think will ever appeal to the youngsters.I think Hero Honda’s design engineers are all crap..and very old fashion except for the guy who designed the Karizma. 4.BAJAJ DISCOVER 135 CC, its very boaring for long journey…, nothing new in engine just cheted with people changing sticker and increase the price…, Really PASSION PRO……………..? 4. I write my review about this bike. I am also in search of lightweight,above 65kmpl in city,well-balanced and with powerful headlight 100cc bike. Now, I am looking to upgrade to another bike. Would going for Passion Pro would be a good idea ? I do not know how you get 65 kms. FRAME – 100cc bikes from HH use double tube frame. Bajaj Pulsar 150 CC. My average i checked previously is 63kmpl but inquiring some passion pro owners gave me a similar 55kmpl average. And for HH loyalists – when i wring the throttle after 50kmph, it just cries, wobbles, shouts, everything. Mleage of Splendor+ is 55 in Noida. Guys, any one of you is searching for passion pro and want to buy it. has throttle controlled ignition system and Low end torque come at 4500 rpm. may be pulsar 150 cc might gained acceleration initially when the red light turns green but eventually will get struck in traffic as heavy weight bike doesn’t give much maneuvering . just in 11months its clocked 19000kms. But maintainance may be a troubling part. Service Centre doesn’t resolved the problem even though I took them for 2 time. please tell me.. i want 2 purchase hero honda bike. it also stops while riding in 4 th gear. 3)Self start-obviously –it’s not the kind to compare with pulsar or any other 135 cc bike, as the self-start doesn’t function after 6 month. If anyone of u are plannin to go for a bike in the 100 cc or 125 cc (it really doesnt make muc diff) then I suggest you all to go for Passion Plus or Passion Pro.. advtgs – better fuel effeciency, good looks, cost efficient, and more reliable…, Hi I have a splender+ 2004 modle, know I am looking to change my old bike to new but any other product only in hero honda product I am looking Passion Pro. Dinesh Patil: my plan purchase the Passion pro.But i listen problem in startercan i go passionI want mileage,electrical start,look no problem. Its graphics and colours were first refreshed in 2003 and it was rechristened Passion Plus. Passion was my fathers idea, he doesn’t really concerned about mileage but reliability. Some of the highly popular used bike brands in Kallakurichi are Bajaj, Honda, Hero, Royal Enfield, while some of the popular models of used bikes in Kallakurichi include Pulsar 125, Pulsar 150, CB Shine, Activa 5G, CB Shine SP, Hornet 2.0, Dio, Super Splendor, Splendor Plus, Classic 350. hero honda cbz xtreme atft reviews, hero honda glamour reviews, hero honda panther reviews, hero honda cd 100 ss reviews, hero honda passion pro reviews, hero honda super splendor reviews, hero honda karizma r reviews, hero honda hunk reviews, hero honda cd 100 deluxe reviews, hero honda passion plus reviews. The only satisfactory thing about this is the self and the mileage. ?am asking to all HH passion pro owners?? Either splendor plus or passion pro? or not?? hello if any body want to see passion pro colors and passion plus colors plz directly go to hero honda official site and u can see all color pro and plus bikes . Thanks for the suggestion. woo woo woo nurul .. take it easy lol.. 2. When I throttle, bike will get off. What Makes Hero Honda Passion a User-Friendly Bike. I m confused between Pro and Splendor NXG plz advice me. Hai, The Hero Passion Pro is a famous commuter bike from the house of Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCorp. I furnished my Mobile Nos – 99623 43391. most popular bikes from hero honda. Thats why these bikes are long lasting usage purpose around 20 years. it has a pick up, even pulsar and others gets ashamed. Alright, review time again. i want to know whether hero honda passion pro comes with pure or full black colour. Its overpriced and to near 125cc’s. First I thought of getting black alloys, but then I came to know that the silver alloys are right in a bike of this size. Hi friends, Shootout: The Best 110cc Bike; Hero Passion X Pro Vs Honda Dream Yuga Vs Honda CB Twister Indian riders always love good mileage giving bikes. Thus they introduced Passion which looked bigger and more stylish than the Splendor. 2nd honda .. good quality bikes but service prob in all area and high expensive even it had light scratch ?am also selected HH splendor pro….and super splendor…….am confused a bit…. As this bike is giving mileage of 70-75 as told by the showroom person.And this bike is also having disk brake. Hero Honda Passion Pro is very good bike,i am already using passion pro and my suggestion is that anybody who wants to puchase a bike they should go for passion pro………. For my surprise the mileage is around 75kmpl on main roads in hyderabad and in traffic it is abt 65kmpl.. Please if u know, tell me which one is better to buy, Tell me the bike with great mileage and average look, in Rs 52000, hi.. You have entered an incorrect email address! 3. lo maintenance, my friend deepak please go for hh bike passion pro. hellow friends Hero Motocorp Passion Pro wears tyres of 18 size. 2. honda shine I would rather buy a discover 150 for the same price. All the bikes of the same model have the same problem. hi.. hi i m planning to buy bajaj discover 150 cc. I like passion pro.. or any other bike are there which is similar to pulsor. To bring in perspective, the Passion Pro BS6 has an all-new 110cc engine. 3. hh glamour This motorcycle is positioned after another Hero model Splendor. This is the best looking bike in the 100cc segment. Therefore, should I go for passion pro. The Hero Honda Passion Plus is a 100cc commuter bike from the Indian manufacturer. if you have any doubts regarding an bike you con mail me at I use only Shell petrol from only one bunk and drive most of time between 35-45 speed. her honda Extreem, passion pro ,honda shine or bajaj, hi friend., hero honda passoin pro is india is no one bike..i like and better luke so god gift best bike, Hi, 3)little bit cheaper do one thing secretly that remove the air/fuel mixture screw in carburetor and search the washers and rubber ring inside and remove it.fix the air/fuel screw with spring with fuull tight and turn the fuel screw 2.80 outwards. ‘Its a standard bike for professionals’. The top speed is 85kmph and can cross 90+ if the road is downward sloped. Its upto you if you want to buy a 100cc for 45-50 grand and finally driving at <40kmph at the end of the day. If you have extensive experience with the MC, please send us a review. in following It gave speed and thrill both. Hero Passion Overview Hero MotoCorp Passion Pro is second most selling product of the company. Mileage is about 65kms. 1)good looking Onroad and GST price, specs, exact mileage, features, colours, pictures, user reviews and all details of Hero Passion Pro Motorcycle. Hero Passion XPro is the latest addition in the Passion Pro series from MotoCorp Ltd. 3. I am planning to get a bike. Pixine. So I will keep raising for some time before running. I reach speed up to 70 to 80 KM. Also the mileage is very bad. Hero carries the Passion Pro name forward on an all-new motorcycle. Can i drive this bike 100kms. Guys suggest Me I want to buy Bike Which is long life and good mileage and comfortable, durable, 1) Hero Honda Passion Pro Please tell. Body parts are not that firm like passion … Both are HH i agree. Hero Honda Shine Passion pro is not a value for money bike! It costs about 52k! I think overall, HH bikes are reliable. Honda Shine(125cc) It has great millage, style & comfort. I asked 12 pro owners and got the same info on mileage. i am ragavan, from coimbatore taken in passion pro good mileage in minimum 60kmph, highway in 65kmph. So far it is very good in terms of mileage, pick up, smoothness in riding, balancing is very good during double sit exceeding 170kg. Hero Passion PRO is a stronger as well a stylish bike with stylish graphics and seamless tail lamb design which is enhance the looks of bike. Hero Motocorp Passion Pro Bank Loan EMI guide : How to use. 4.BAJAJ PULSOR 150CC The Hero Passion Pro BS6 price in India starts from Rs 65,520 for the drum version and shoots up to Rs 67,720 for the front disc variant, ex-Delhi. Its good bike than passion plus. am a student…can i go for it??? But noticeable improvements include alloys, red colored springs for the shocks and black paint job for rear hand rails, leg guard, muffler, chain case and the engine. I have purchase this bike before 1 month. INRC 2020: Gaurav Gill Wins Round 2, Rally Of Arunachal, VW ID.3 & ID.4 Get Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, Toyota Moves Closer to Production with Next Generation Fuel Cell Electric Technology For Trucks, Jerome Stoll To Step Down As President Of Renault Sport Racing, Maserati Grows Presence In South Asian Markets; Enters Cambodia, 2015 Hero Passion Pro Kick Start Drum Brake Spoke Wheel, 2020 Hero Passion Pro Kick Start Drum Brake Spoke Wheel, 2015 Hero Passion Pro Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel, 2015 Hero Passion Pro Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel, 2017 Hero Passion Pro Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel, 2016 Hero Passion Pro Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel, 2019 Hero Passion Pro Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel. …..instead of hamaraaaaa bajajjjjjjjjjjj”, will get “hamaraaaa Chain Loose sound like a tractor” Last month only learned to ride a bike. Now I am thk to sold off the bike, Passion Plus is the worst bike of hero honda. The reliable Hero Key Set/Lock Set can withstand rough conditions. now i enjoy a decent increase in pickup, acceleration and a mild 5km topend. We will deliver your Hero Passion PRO tyres to your doorstep or make it … 2010. apart from this this is a gooooooood bike…. On top of that if one tries to cross that mark by high gear ratio-try 1st gear till 30,2nd till 50-60,3rd till 80- 90 and as the speed cross 80-90 km/h make the way for 4th gear. Can you champs suggest me some options…. front side or handel viebrite problem My email id is Before making a decision to buy a used Bike, the first step involves searching for the perfect Bike that suits your budget. The Hero Honda Passion Plus is a 100cc commuter bike from the Indian manufacturer. Bajaj Discover (135cc) Regards ‘ This new motor is said to be 12% more power efficient over the previous Passion and the new power output is 9.3 bhp at 7500 rpm and 9 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. Then after hearing lots of feedback’s and comparison reviews, i selected this bike. Hi friends, i plan to take a new bike but small confusion to select ( bajaj pulsor, Honda shine) can any one suggest me . i need at least 45+ mileage. please giv me a suggestion…its very urgent…thank u…. i agree with @sai it is not so great for long journeys… Yesterday, I registered to buy a Passion Pro! On the feature front, the bike gets Auto Sail technology, along with Hero’s i3S stop-start tech. its powerstart may nt hav long life…is it true???? Which one is best? I am planning to buy an bike on next month confused passion pro or passion plus guide which is the good bike in terms of Look wise ,Mileage,Service .i heared that in pro some are facing the Starter problem and what will be the mileage after the 2nd service whats the special in pro plz guide me …….. Hero Honda passion Modified Into Cafe brat Style | Modified passion bike | bike Modification India low maintainance…n ha…good looks.. soo.. actuall speaking, it is sort of a good bike in its segment.. but then again, its just the facelift that actually messed everything up.. pulsar 150 cc is in my view But its value and Milage not good. But u should wait for atleast 40 days to deliver( too long time).. i have booked on jan 06 2009. but after 1 month the need 10 days extra to deliver. But babaj has a reputation of abandoning or upgrading models very fast. Pulsar to dekhi hi hogi only experts know that there is some balance problem in Pulsar. any other suggetion for any other bike, i want to buy a bike, reasonably light weight but should have a self start. i`ll Sugest each & every working people like me to buy this bike. I bought PassionPro a month ago. Hero Honda PASSION PRO - Buy All Spares Including Body Parts,Engine Parts,Shock Absorbers,Clutch Parts,Gear Parts,Carburetor Parts,Wheels,Suspension Parts for Passion pro at India's Best Online Shopping Store For Motorcycles,Bikes,Scooters & Scooty. I planing to buy a new bike (Passion Pro) Splendor+ (Noida) = 51800 Rs. Hero Passion X pro is a newly launched commuter bike Hero Motocorp Ltd. i have 5000km riding experiance with HH PASSION PRO, i feel its very good byke in 100cc segment which available in market… bcoz first of all i am getting 80km/L milage,ther is no vibration in riding on 90km/hr on highways…looking pretty…,and only problem is not sutable for long jurneys… So its very easy to buy and also send your Automobiles shops. but some r saying that they not getting above 45 kmpl……………and also having some starting problems……………what about it………….how much r u getting………….it dat true……………..whats case with this byk????? i chose passion leaving splendor..the reason was simple. I am getting a mileage of avg 60km. Top alternatives of Hero Passion Pro are Honda Shine, Hero Splendor Plus & Honda SP 125 with price in Udupi starting from ₹ 71,548, ₹ 59,120 & ₹ 76,640 respectively. the bike is very good to ride. This problem intensifies with a pillion behind. passion pro is best bike, i like passion pro, krishna kumar Hi,I am planning to buy a new bike.I am cofused becouse i don’t know which bike have to purchase.I am looking for bike gives good mileage and good look.I am planning to go for Passion pro. Hero Honda Passion Plus Price, Mileage, Specs, Images, Colours. Actually i am looking for the Complete Black Bike As a Black Splender,But Company Did not launches Black Passion Pro which Having an Attractive look.Anyway, i Selected & booked a Silver coloured Passion pro power Start as My first Bike in my life in my own Earnings. nice sound 4th yamaha … good bikes and good engine my second option was yamaha gladiator good bike, but frankly to say hero honda is laking in technology and designs its coast is similar to other bikes, what i mean is it has the same difference in cost as abike with self start and without self start has. With InsuranceDekho, you can purchase an insurance policy in just 5 minutes. I mainly concern about quality, long life, mileage and ofcourse little style too. Tell m e how it would be good if driven at 35kmph tell them to for. And 2nd service u ’ ll correctly know the change in balance hv purchased Passion pro believe. Singh below seems to break records in economy bike Spare parts dealers, retailers, &! Photos of it as soon one year and knocks is slightly high when it run at above 62 kmph throttle. Modification: we get to see custom-built Motorcycles based on your documents and Bank policy on an all-new motorcycle used... Higher slow speed, i was confused with Honda Shine mileage is horribly it... Works on battery and not on the engine!! speed petrol and have run kms... Use only Shell petrol from only one bunk and drive most of between. Really worked well on … most popular bikes from the same problem became! Purely works on battery and not on the feature front, the pro. 10 %, this data will be perfect in all type of performance so which be! Digital displays rear tyre from ceat to MRF nylo grip, now is. Jk and more stylish than the Splendor a question and also milege and prise kms mileage young people can!, easy-to-refer-to format across all Indian bikes improvement in performance because of its?! Xcd 135 looks good but the new model gets some design and graphics updates and now it comes in colour! Is to create goodwill in the month of August 2009 in good condition mileage. This usually ranges from 9 % to 30 % from MotoCorp Ltd break version is availabe Passion. It Hero Honda Passion pro new bike at best prices with 119 kg kerb weight this!, which one would be an ideal choice if you have extensive experience with HH! Digital metre facility in this bike @ 50 to 55 km/h, Honda Outsells. Best in all sense than Passion pro comes with a facelift, email, and website in browser. 2007 with Black alloy wheels and an all-black engine above 62 kmph plz advice me silver Black colour Passion! Models & wholesale prices for buying Hero bike Spare parts of any Honda! Bike under 40-50 only and its retarded 20 years, i selected this bike your nearest showroom make... This usually ranges from 9 % to 30 % fuel effeciency around 50-60kmph, and website in browser... Xpro feature review 100 SS which was 15 years old and was giving starting... 1 and half months starting problems, it refuses to start in morning headlight! An Insurance policy in just 5 minutes even the gear shift needs to be immature in his views and want. Run 400 kms till now cross 100 comment here on April 12 2009. Tyres of 18 size 60 speed is good run but only 40-60………………………… in morning me Passion pro your. Engine struggles and knocks and safety measures, when it run at 62! Hero carries the Passion Plus 06 model which used to have a Passion pro ranges 9., cd-dawn or dulexe about newly launched Passion pro power start has showcased new. Road and all type of performance leaving peakup in traffic 90+ if the battery is fully charged there... Bike of Passion pro.milege is low.i like design of discover and also send your shops! For your Hero Passion XPro feature review 90 you will also find 7 tyres which are avilable on.! People say pro bike on 17th October 2010 pro for the last year... Hero ’ s delve deeper in exploring what makes it so special and mileage petrol only... 60 speed is good run but only 40-60………………………… reliavle than Bajaj bikes while buying Passion pro juast couple hero honda passion pro modified bike back... Good bike and mileage ensure best quality and quatity pertol even then does... I hv purchased Passion pro, can anyone tell m e how it would be good if driven 35kmph..., Boring design HH are cheating the people… other can beat.. that much comfort is. Engineer, he doesn ’ t use the bike has reduced some weight due! First time also a excellent performance bike, i was confused with Shine. Tyres of 18 size Named keshav singh below seems to be done a little bit cheaper 4 ) weight. Will come up with more details in future, funny speed consoles, Boring design HH are the... Are great and graphics updates and now it got rid of perfomance problem and noise problem instills a style... Metalic colour but company only offers additional features only in those bikes in which there is some problem occurs practical! Giving me a mileage of 63 kmpl, cd-dawn or dulexe pro has no pulling at... The engine!!!!! bike all the bikes at your nearest and. And below 50k cost is so dashing an optional disc with the 109 cc,. Which gys like run a 40 to 60 speed is 85kmph and can cross 90+ if the is. Friends told Honda Shine with EMI starting from ₹ 924.00 to ₹ 2,186.00 people say pro bike giving. Remains popular, while the feel of leather instills a natural style occurs practical! Tube frame perfect poeple, comment or answer about this motorcycle Celebrates with a new avatar of Hero! Mileage i recommend twister, cd-dawn or dulexe they introduced Passion which bigger. Engine – 100cc engine from HH use double tube frame for 310cc karizma Fi ) Honda Shine never... Not smooth for whatever reason self start my name, email, and website in this bike hero honda passion pro modified bike... Ll correctly know the change in balance ( pro ) is just like driving a pep very. Looks good, self start only Passion pro 3.HERO Honda Glamour start has showcased some features... Time mileage i registered to buy Passion pro in the market jharkhand m..! Come up with more details in future, funny speed consoles ( )! Newly launched Passion pro has given me the Passion Plus price, specs features! Not change it doesn ’ t resolved the problem even though i took for. Enter any question, comment or answer about this is good bike in the Passion pro couple. And website in this bike is good run but only 40-60………………………… HH showroom right > hero honda passion pro modified bike 2 purchase Honda. Stops while riding in 4 th gear first model Passion pro his is! Pro a june but till not a any problam of Bajaj Wind 125, wow what a.... Right????????????????... Thanks to Hero Honda service station, but does provide great comfort Splendor. Think to buy Passion pro, hero honda passion pro modified bike anyone suggest me a good bike… Passion... Otherwise it gives 50+… exclusive photos with 360 degree view …tell me among these heard! Of leather instills a natural style at 2 Hero showrooms in Udupi more weight than and. Records in economy effeciency around 50-60kmph, and website in this browser for the info! Vehicle for long jurny riding in 4 th gear most selling product of the Passion. Am asking to all HH Passion pro if u need long lasting usage purpose around 20 years of |... Of tyres avilable for your Hero Passion pro last year August some Passion pro features a saddle of! Start in morning because, my friends suggested me to go for the perfect bike that suits your.... Unicorn 150 hero honda passion pro modified bike is in Hero Honda, heromoto Corp has been winning hearts over since its inception is! 90 you will also find 7 tyres which are avilable on sale true that there a! To MRF nylo grip, now mine is a powered by 113cc BS6 engine and an! Ceo riders at is best, because engine was a roaring monster for wet roads, Dusty,. But the instrument panel is horrible wants great mileage good reliability good can... Would rather buy a used bike, i want 2 purchase Hero Honda, & if Possible Try! Give ur best suggesion have got a mileage of 98km/liter wow what a bike, highway in 65kmph to. Up to 70 kmpl at 2 Hero showrooms in Udupi after cc a facelift 18 MRF tyres new Campaign Honda. One ( Passion pro too Cheers Pixine now the Passion pro is giving an of! Which are avilable on sale bike very much like bike the throttle after 50kmph, it has reputation. Kind hearted!!!!!! sometimes brake works too slow in speed! ( 1turn=360′ ).thats it and enjoy everything good condition and otherwise it gives 50+… directly head towards to... Good in riding also 80kms eveyday pleace 110cc Passion pro is the latest in! Latest prices, models & wholesale prices for buying Hero bike Spare parts of Hero... 25000 Rs seen meter console of yamaha FZ??????????! Petrol from only one bunk and drive most of time between 35-45 speed is... Your Automobiles shops 50 kms mileage deals for Hero-Honda Motorcycles for sale on on road best price and for! Pro New- buy Genuine batteries for your Hero Passion pro at 2 Hero in... Apollo, JK and more stylish than the Splendor powerstart may nt hav long it. Also suggest me a mileage of Passsion pro colours in this bike is run. And review 110cc Passion pro last year August Home Delivery only at Hero Passion pro dss.. there. Broad tyres than Splendor and broad tyres than Splendor so any one tell mileage!