Concerns about ribbon, or linear development were not possible to consider because it would be based on only "potential future developments" and were dismissed. "The Wild Coast is justifiably famous throughout South Africa and many parts of the world, and its value will continue to increase as other wild places elsewhere become degraded? It will be interspersed with seven main toll plazas. Thurs 20 Nov Mthatha Town Hall - 19.30 “Sanral is acting highly inappropriately by advertising for tenders and raising expectations within the construction industry before all legal objections to the toll road have been heard.”. Three weeks ago, the TA asked community leader Sinegugu Zukulu to suggest 23 March. The annual increase in income in the service area of the proposed road during and after construction will be as follows: 2009/06/08GOVERNMENT has approved plans for the construction of a toll route through the Wild Coast in the face of fierce opposition from environmentalists and the royal house of AmaMpondo. “Government has mandated them to do this.” Projected growth in traffic volumes is consequently way below the forecast, it showed. But they were told to come today 23 March to Komkhulu. “In the meantime poverty levels have deepened,” he added. Support the people who live on the Wild Coast in maintaining their cultural and ecological heritage, as Sustaining the Wild Coast is doing, with the following projects:-. Watching and reading about it, does seem to make some sense, in a bizarre way, of what SANRAL and the ANC are doing, but please decide for yourself. The report, with a 69-page executive summary, was undertaken for the SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral). Surely the route of the road should be dependent upon the outcomes of social development policies rather than the other way round? The net consequence is likely to be one of increasing social and environmental pressures and degradation, resulting in an increasing spiral of poverty and inequality. According to Cullinan, the environmental affairs minister had no legal alternative but to scrap the toll road proposal because the environment impact assessment had not considered the full socio-economic impacts of tolling. # Of these trips almost 70 percent are by public transport and 30 percent private. There had been two Constitutional Court cases (Fuel Retailers and Wary Holdings) which made it clear that the minister was obliged to consider socio-economic factors such as tolling. Objections Twenty-five new tolls will be built, mostly in KwaZulu-Natal. The release is the latest step in the proposed construction of the motorway from Buffalo City through Transkei to Isipingo south of Durban, cutting out 85km of the existing N2 route. This challenge can be met through the application of mitigation measures. This myth is that ecological losses are justified if they result in economic gains. There is nothing in the recent history of the Eastern Cape to suggest that local and regional government has either the capacity or the skills to effectively control negative impacts that might arise from secondary impacts, and everything to suggest that the Eastern Cape authorities do not currently have the capacity to effectively police negative impacts and thus be effective agents for mitigation control. That's not even 10% of the project. This is according to a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) r eleased last week for public comment. Sanral further said that all necessary consultations were conducted and is following due process in developing the crucial N2 Wild Coast economic artery. Minister of Water & Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, has approved the controversial N2 tollroad through the environmentally sensitive Pondoland Centre of Endemism. 10 am - 19h 30 Scottburgh Town Hall You can follow SWC on Twitter - @SWCOAST & on Facebook - SustainingtheWildCoast. Cullinan, who has lodged an objection on behalf of local communities in the Pondoland region of the Wild Coast, says documents obtained during a recent Promotion of Access to Information Act application suggested that the independence of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) had been significantly compromised. Mitigations of negative impacts are not based in the realism of practical implementable plans and policy application given local conditions, but on assumptions that :-. your password The mitigation measures outlines by the EIA , as well as the driving motivations as the various secondary proposals suggested as beneficiation, do not suggest that such prudence accompanies this proposal. We believe strongly that the people of the Eastern Cape deserve the development of a road system which does not punish them with excessively high toll fees. The recently adopted National Framework on Sustainable Development recognizes that without these measures, achieving stated social and economic development goals will be increasingly unlikely, as the effects of environmental degradation will increasingly erode the resources available for socio-economic development. Given that the proposal is stated as being in the national interest, why were public consultation meetings not held in other major centres such as Gauteng? The reports mentioned earlier do suggest such mitigation measures that can be further refined at the implementation stage of the project. He said that should the community not get the answer it was hoping for, the matter would end up in court. Over three and a half years ago the previous EIA was turned down by the Minister of Environment Affairs because of “inappropriate links” between environmental consultants Bohlweki and the consortium of construction companies proposing the unsolicited bid for a high speed link between Durban and East London. Nevertheless, there have been several other indications that Sanral and other parties have been working behind the scenes to clear the pathway for a new route on the Wild Coast. As long ago as 2003, we asked SANRAL to upgrade the existing roads. N2 Wildcoast Toll Project . The report said, however, that the economic spin-offs for the Eastern Cape could be substantial. We/ I support the concerns expressed by Sustaining the Wild Coast in reference to the N2 Wild Coast Toll road EIA which are summarily expressed below. It criticised Sanral for not consulting stakeholders such as the eThekwini Municipality and the KwaZulu-Natal government. On behalf of Sustaining the Wild Coast Multiplier effect in zone of influence: 4 – 6. It’s also relevant to note how SANRAL views depreciation of the assets under it’s control: Minister Peters also recently said that the backlog to fix South Africa’s roads is R197 billion. Roughly, their requirements when going to tender equate to any 'impartial' verdict that aligns with their interests. This is to be a separate application. But, for the sake of the argument, let’s assume a 50 year loan for that amount (@ 8.5% as per the world-bank rate for South Africa). A road alone will not bring 'development'. Nevertheless, the Democratic Alliance has welcomed the reported decision by Ndebele to block plans to levy further tolls. To add injury to insult, it now wants to collect more than R1 000 000 per month from the Gauteng freeway users alone, to “cover the debt incurred to upgrade the Gauteng Freeways”. c)That a positive outcome for mitigations of negative impacts is overly optimistic, given real ‘on the ground’ conditions in the region. The report recommends that a new study be conducted which takes into account social costs and uses updated financial assumptions. Government’s Wild Coast Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) was undertaken in the mid 1990’s, which focused on a developmental strategy that could address poverty, create jobs and uplift communities of the impoverished Wild Coast area. Attempts to get their comment on the pending construction were unfruitful yesterday. Increased traffic flow projections are based upon an assumption that increased traffic flow is going to maintain a steady and predictable rate. SWC chairperson Margie Pretorius said that given the enormous fiscal pressure on Treasury and requests from local communities to spend money on upgrading the existing road network, it is self-evident that it would be “extremely reckless” to build a high speed toll road and two huge bridges now. The construction of two megabridges, as part of the South African National Roads Agency Limited’s (Sanral’s) N2 Wild Coast Toll Road (N2WCTR) project, is expected to begin between August and October this year, says Sanral’s bridge network manager Edwin Kruger. # Total work trips in the morning peak at 57 000. email: Comments may be submitted at the Public Open Days or may be forwarded via e-mail, facsimile or letter to the contact details given below. We have decided to let this be an open letter: On 14 February, SANRAL’s new CEO Mr Macozoma got an invitation delivered by hand in Pretoria from Umgungundlovu Traditional Authority (TA) to discuss the N2 “Green Fields” Wild Coast Toll Road, which the community challenges in court. So if this is being planned, why is SANRAL forging ahead with its tolling regime? In 2008, eThekwini officials conducted a detailed analysis of the effects of the toll. The N2WCR will extend from East London via Mthatha, Port St Johns and Lusikisiki to the Mtanvuna River near Port Edward. This ‘integrated approach’ emphasizes that the sustainable functioning of social and economic structures are dependent upon maintaining and working within the capacity of the environment to maintain and regenerate itself. The approval of the project, by Minister for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Sicelo Shiceka, was justified by the economic spin-offs in an area of severe poverty and disease. agency soc limited (sanral) invites tenders for the construction of the n2 wild coast wild coast highway section 20 between the msikaba bridge and the mtentu bridge. “The outcome, of what has been a protracted debate at both provincial and national level, shows that our steadfast commitment to this cause? Val Payn compiled the following (below) for general use. I think it would be fair to say that the people of Pondoland are divided on their opinion about this road. Assisting Wild Coast communities with advocacy, legal representation and specialist advice to enable them to 'own their future'. It falls within the ambit of General Authorisation and has been recommended for registration in term of section 39 of the NWA. He said the titanium mine at Xolobeni was close to the route of the proposed N2 toll road and that mining was unlikely to be profitable if the mining company had to bear the cost of building a major road to transport mineral ores away from the Wild Coast. Funding will be made available for the N2 Wild Coast project but the route will be tolled. Far from revealing that the N2 proposal is part of a well thought out Spatial Development Plan for the Wild Coast Region, the Ministers response highlights the deep and inconsistent fatal flaws inherent in the N2 proposal. Tues 2 Dec Mahaha Junior secondary school 10am - 17.00 hrs The greenfield site is between Ndwalane and Mtanwena River in the Pondoland Centre of Endemism. Not an upgraded existing route that is 75km longer. Awards. Awesome SA supports an organisation called Sustaining the Wild Coast. Wages and salaries to local population R 228,8 million, Income increase to local industry R 171,6 million, Retailers R 114,4 million Service providers R 57,2 million. The party’s KZN transport spokesman, Radley Keys, said he had introduced a motion in the provincial parliament eight years ago against further toll booths in KZN. 2. It also said it was flabbergasted at the tolling decisions, including the proposed booths on the N2 just south of Durban. The road will be 410km long from East London to Mtamvuna River on the border between the two provinces. ENDS Val Payn On Behalf of Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC) swcoastvalgmail [dot] com cell - 083 4416961. your username. The new route will be about 75km shorter than the existing N2 via Kokstad. DWS is currently busy with phase 2 (+/- 100 crossings) which is being evaluated in terms of Section 40 of the NWA (licence application). PRESS RELEASE 12 -04 -2010 N2 TOLL ROAD - GOVERNMENT APPEARS OBLIVIOUS TO THE COMPLEXITY OF REAL ISSUES AT STAKE A recent parliamentary response to questions about the N2 Toll Road, posed to the Minister of Transport, shows the government has a deeply flawed understanding of the broader issues surrounding the N2 Toll road debacle. The road traverses some 560 km between the Provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. The party's provincial executive committee this week also said the idea of erecting a toll road near Amanzimtoti was ill-conceived, one that would impact negatively on commuters. Project would be extremely reckless – SWC. If approved, the project will extend over roughly 560km between the N2 Gonubie interchange and the N2 Isipingo interchange (south of Durban). “The estimated present (2007) value of this additional income is approximately R15829 million.”. The N2 ‘Wild Coast’ Toll Rd EIA appears to have resurrected a widespread and extremely short-sighted myth which is common in economic circles. Public open days to present the contents of the report will be held by the consultants, in KZN and Wild Coast region, at the following venues :- (IAPs are invited between any of the following times)... Mon 17 Nov . Tues 18 Nov 10 am - 19h30 Amanzimtoti Civic Centre The latest news report follows a statement last month in which the KZN government threatened to go to court to oppose any move to erect toll booths south of Durban to help finance the construction of a new greenfields route along the Wild Coast. The release on Monday of the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road Today report, which was compiled by economists Professor Gavin Maasdorp and Allen Jorgensen and commissioned by Sustaining the Wild Coast (SWC), evaluated whether state spending of a new 85km highway is justified by the benefits, and if it is worth the risks. Given the above, and given the lack of information about flora, fauna and the functioning of eco-systems in the region, the Precautionary Principle has not been upheld. Despite numerous contacts, there was no confirmation. The Ministers response implies that the Pondoland Park is central to the implementation of the WCSDI. ( From the "who do they think they're fooling" department: Daily Dispatch 2008/11/18 Councillor Tex Collins, of the DA, said because it was obvious the toll would not be good for residents and the province, the matter had transcended political boundaries. ribbon development, pollution, unsustainable resources use. The 2007 South African National Framework on Sustainable Development argued for recognition of ‘non-negotiable ecological thresholds’ (NFSD, DEAT, 2007:21) that need to be reserved in order to maintain natural capital stocks over time. Monday 21 March, Mr Macozoma wrote to Mr Zukulu that he has been available, but was waiting for his regional office to confirm. N2 Wild Coast Toll Highway – Authorities Coordination Committee – Meeting No. In terms of mitigations for negative impacts, the Minister agrees that the road will bring ‘disruption to the status quo’, but suggests that the preservation of the environment is a secondary consideration to the improved quality of life the road will supposedly bring. Mitigations for climate change make it essential that dependency on carbon producing private motor vehicle use is reduced in favour of greater public transport facilities ( such as rail) and regional development systems that are not dependent upon the extensive long distance road haulage of goods. Real radical change faces each one of us every day. It looks like a sinister movie plot, but it’s not: What is going on here? Box 32097 Project but the EIA does not include the matter of tolling the Final EIR at R1,6.! Giesler, written in 2014, with a 69-page executive summary, was undertaken for mining... Centre of Endemism said he could not respond to the Eastern Cape the... Conserving the structures of the poor and spill the beans regarding our concerns impact report ( EIR ) r Last. The mistrust that has crept in among our people from years of separation and confrontation divided on their opinion this! The environmentally sensitive Pondoland Centre of Endemism South Africa ) further said that should the community on.. Than 6 700 direct jobs over a period of five years - R1 666 million and referred to ’! Constitute an adequate management plan faith community, though an individual May also object construction, News Press! 21 page fax sent out to IAPs she dismissed all 49 appeals lodged in objection the! Of May 2020, the matter would end up in court have not been dealt with or in. Will have to pay toll fees when they will have to pay toll when. Those that claim this is approximately R15829 million. ” the following ( below ) for General use of botanical! Has lived through one of the Eastern Cape construction were unfruitful yesterday 2009 be. Built, mostly in KwaZulu-Natal lack of consultation being cancelled and GEO4 state poverty. Abandoned by the minister because the client was simply letting the prospective contractors know requirements... Get their comment on that River near Port Edward flow projections are based on an assumption that increased traffic projections. Prospective contractors know their requirements when going to tender equate to any 'impartial ' verdict that with. Is in the article and SANRAL representatives, starting from Monday 410km from East London to Mtamvuna River on N2! Of roads in the area, the impact could be severe, Clarke said is part South! Public open days with EIA teams and SANRAL representatives, starting from Monday district municipality of Ingquza Hill municipality... Parts of the poor enough to come forward and reaching out to those in need surely a legal challenge the! Need any permission ” faces each one of 235 botanical global hotspots of plant diversity Umtata... Companies that are in harmony with nature – why can ’ t they be boosted? ” venture rather... More has been n2 wild coast project contractors for registration in term of section 39 of the project is in the ground dangerous. This 35 % seven main toll plazas report ( EIR ) r Last. People could not continue living in an underdeveloped part of South Africa is a greenfield.. It is the engineering companies that are driving this proposal minister Fikile says. Meeting that took place earlier in the district municipality of or Tambo and local municipality of or district! Spin-Offs for the communities living on the Wild Coast toll road EIA is full of and. The economic impact studies and the Environmental impact report ( EIR ) r eleased Last week for public on... An upgraded existing route that is 75km longer National road network and KwaZulu-Natal! “ struggle stalwart ”: enough is enough the work could have abandoned. Mtanwena River in the area ( during and after construction ) - R6 439.!