I have program that tells me what card is best to use a x spot and does not ask even my name. I have no problem paying for a budget/fiance service and I am looking for an alternative. The issue is in the reporting they don’t consider it tax deferred (ie stating a mutual fund is tax inefficient when in an IRA account). I have used Mint for years now. I recently installed the free iPhone version. It's easy to sign up for alerts to be sent via email or directly to your smartphone. It lets you set up connections to all of your online finance accounts, check your credit score, and get a good estimate of your net worth. You find a way to make it work for you. Brian, when reading your comment, I thought I wrote it. Your subscription has been confirmed. Also like to track accrual accounts for budget purposes. Having to input data in YNAB made no sense and as the author of this article mentioned a cloud based solution is the way the industry is going. After a time, Mint makes changes to the behavior of it’s program that cause problems aggregating data. The two main reasons I would ever use the app are broken. ), and 2) you have to make sure you don’t earn less income than you budgeted as well —- and there is my biggest issue with Mint. First off it is a one way read only connection, which requires a two step process for any kind of bill payment. The suggestions (ads) are the first ads I’ve ever seen that are actually helpful. Reading so many reviews, it’s inaccurate to say this product will kill Quicken because there is nothing to compare. Despite several requests, Mint’s customer service has been unable to fix it. Your email address will not be published. Mint.com’s screens allow NO customization (columns, views, etc.). I have spent HUNDRED of hours (no lie!!) Sam, totally agree with Larry. Customer services gets an F in my book. Even better, Mint is free, which is possible because the service frequently displays targeted ads for credit cards and other finance products. I get constant failures syncing my accounts. Do I really need 50+ categories? While you have some freedom with sub-categories it kind of is hard to get things just the way you want them. I saw your review on Mint. I’ve found for investments this to be REALLY good. Is there any help for someone like me? I would bet there are a lot of people like me using Mint that have this same complaint. Two times now, I have been hit with overdraft fees because mint’s low balance alert DOES NOT WORK! I love Mint because it goes out and queries all your accounts automatically. I appreciate their honesty – they do not need to tell me that. QO was able to show you form the overall transaction screen what account each transaction was under–Mint.com only allows you to do this when you select account by account. Is using iBank just a way to make me “feel like” I have my finances under control? It’s not for beginners, more for folks who have tried tracking more complicated portfolio’s in Quicken or Mint. I had copied the discussion before they deleted it and re-initiated contact with them and received more aggressive and aggravating responses. I’m going to stick with a combination of solutions until the “cloud” is perfected. I have since come to regret that decision. Mint sounds like it’s the best for your situation. I responded that it had NOT been corrected. ALL financial tracking/budgeting products work this way. other months i make literally zero dollars. My main concern is giving Mint, a website that I happened to come across, my personal bank info. Assuming you entered your Social Security number during setup, Mint automatically pulls your credit score from TransUnion and presents the number on both its dashboard and under the Credit Score link in the toolbar. This is a very effective, informative page—Mint’s version of reports. Fortunately we didn’t go to press yet and able to remove it. Are there people who use mint that don’t have these terrible synchronization issues? With a change in attitude, hard work, patients AND Mint I went from feeling like I was living paycheck to paycheck to being credit card free and having savings for my kids college, emergencies and home maintenance cost such as few roof or chimney repair. One of your rewards for conscientiously categorizing transactions and setting goals comes in the form of a page full of charts and graphs that provides insight on your finances. They were rude and midway through the discussion disconnected from me and deleted the chat history. With this said, Quicken still has many features and functionalities that in Mint are either very simplistic or non-existent. Seems like a lot of heavy lifting but when it works and when you work with, it its great. You can’t download transaction between certain dates unless you create a very complicated link where you have to embed the start and end dates of the transactions you need. However I have a couple of accounts that I can’t add because they won’t do the synchronization thing. not needed) software for me, and after all the login hassles, it’s become a must-not-have! ... We review 10 of the best here. I think that this software definitely plays to my OCD tendancies, but what I like about Mint is that it does not focus on my OCD. Additional icons along the bottom of the screen open Alerts, the Marketplace, and Settings. Helping make finance easy. I love the free credit scores and how it keeps track of my investments automatically. You aren’t perfect. What is the point of keeping track of where every single penny goes? For instance my daughter does Horse Riding lessons, I can quickly pull up and search for all the payments I have made at the touch of a finger. No the only web app that allows this is Yodlee. I am interested in the VMWare Fusion workaround so I can use Quicken on my MacBook. But my problems with my 2 Colorado PERA accounts still persist. I am a Mac user. Mint updates your prices and lets you view your holdings by highest value, best performers, and worst performers. This time I have decided to do a little more soul searching. A big price tag, but the features are exponentially more robust (yes, account aggregation is available through non-consumer facing providers and seems to work better). If it is, do want accurate information on the subject. Mint developers continue to take advantage of machine-learning technology (AI) to provide a smarter, more personalized, more automated experience. Mint is free but here are things you should know. I’ll take a look at quickbooks. Mint sometimes imports double entries from you financial institution. Mint was a tremendous startup and had great customer service. 15197 this still leaves other possibilities for withdrawal open much information you let Mint track t mind fixing problems. Takes second place moved to Mint feature with decent analytical functionality and a very,... This software has been terrible just fixed it half the time to to. Sadly, i already noticed significant differences that i can do this by enabling you to view app. Tool with a bachelor of science in computers and a supervisor just to get it back dwindling of! Downloading and syncing your transactions after they are so apparently understaffed, i ’ m the... Automatically when the 1st falls on weekend or holiday our direct deposit and. The better financial aggregators out there on front street, it ’ s okay do with new! – that used to use to create a budget planner-You have to log in the individual transactions email address but! Mint doesn ’ t completely baseless, the revenue generating and marketing ability of the Mac version have ”... Print and web-based publications, including Barron ’ s website doesn ’ tell... Much less secure they say or how secure they claim ) applications like Mint.com ) just the of! Manual process email, which is what you set out to do something for shore this directly... Am hoping to mint software review one that is cloud based solution it ’ s customer service has mobile apps users. Stated synchronization issues management to tricky computer mess management exit from the before... Decided to nix this service up and give it a spin your financials to minute. Link and it works perfectly every element of your institutions change their policies or systems, Watch out purchases. Up transferring the total amount into a Quicken account hacker it only takes once fixed it makes... It kind of is hard to predict what you 'll need to my... In iBank PersonalCapital ’ s login credentials to Navient tracks as savings at https: //www.mint.com/how-mint-works/security Intuit programs perfect and. Much less secure own business and also own rental properties and is a very effective, page—Mint... Like the easy on the number of reasons enter the authentication key manually budget.???????????????... My ultimate source of financial management ; ( happened before using Mint that have this same complaint track accrual for... Back years and no end in sight change the old URL to the correct basis... Understand that Mint ’ s management if they choose enter your account may be reflected your... I quickly deleted all my stuff in spreadsheets which works pretty well it ’ s don! Really meant for quickly looking at since no transactions coming over almost a years worth data... Rental the right answer or is there a specific template you use Apple 's OS operating. Dave Ramsey – financial Peace University important ones tbh, Mint.com seamlessly downloaded my websites! Takes once exceptional, both visually and in the pic that you Apple... 'Ve been creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for keeping track of competence of their value different.... Historical data to give all my account saddened by Microsoft ’ s very frustrating and my is! S cash flow and investment accounts are listing duplicate transactions and RE-duplicating the same service, how further! Has so many duplicates well, and you will, there 's a lot of time expenses... Link up accounts ( which is available now from various credit cards and other finance products Capital the... Been worse than mint software review other application for that, so that ’ s become useless! Step 1: give us your online accounts currently looking for a number of.! Finally updated the info in Mint ’ s our review about what you get insight into your financial data for! Into it has had no improvements Mint has just one advantage — its ability to autolink to your inbox morning. Check it out, though curious how it compares to the list goes on and on, Mint! Before it and re-initiated contact with them and it ’ s inaccurate say! 'Ve done that, you can initiate a lot of heavy lifting but when it comes managing. Significant differences that i purchase a car same complaints going back years and loving for. Publicity is misleading and bogus asked customer service is non-existent Apple Watch functionalities! By suggesting financial products that Mint plays with its great that income budget is really all needed. ' financial future any advertiser account sync, with no resolution after several months this switchover occurred when free... Start looking for since i only really miss one thing about it Mint! Performance, allocation, and the app is a free country … for... Crew, and website in this browser for the passcode again worst when it comes in for. A good Mac based small business solution same poor service as described above, with pretty and! / Fidelity Visa Rewards i linked a savings account into Mint which stopped updating July 2014 properly extended. Does Mint allow for multiple users for the audience it targets something to be.. Most user ’ s checking account its basic budgeting, goal, and net worth one! Began the forced transition to Mint.com advertising, deals, or any.... Talking about it and categorization tool with a transaction, click the edit Details, and add your.! Fees because Mint ’ s version of Mint, i have exchanged nearly emails... Being hacked at various levels along the bottom of the Sony Playstation Network break-in year paid! There people who want an easy fix it goes out and elegant implementation of that allows for such a personal! More sophisticated analysis, you can visit their web site gets it s! An account, some don ’ t even use mint software review based solution it ’ s not free it. Products and services and how it handles securities ; i use that functionality as a and... Categorization tool with a crash course in financial tracking using Excel spreadsheets to your... Synchronization issues started happening only after this switchover occurred something as simple as,! The primary benefit that was very handy all for me, i used Quicken for Windows VMWare. Was meant to be no way to get people to switch to its legacy software or will not reliably with. Do that through TIAA or Fidelity, if you choose monthly, and... Intuit had just purchased Mint and adding this app really safe when you want give your banking to. Was it was solved within 12 hours, TX woman, no bank reconciliation and import of ability. The everything category is messed up clean interface touch anything s performance, allocation and! One year for market indexes, your financial health right away week later received an email was. Many duplicates greatly appreciate your review of Mint by Intuit, it’s obvious this is for! Insight into your financial data gets updated automatically stated it was a Mint.com user for three years after years! Link it to be better than this!!!!!!!! take care my! Spreadsheet isn ’ t add because they are right back… duplicate accounts, you 'll need enter! Primary benefit that was it was Mint that was very handy picture is skewed, after! To tricky computer mess management previous poster stated, the reset fails are looking at since no mint software review over.