Which one would win? The cylinder release is not so well thought out. The 6″ barrels deliver the same velocity. I would put my gun up against either of the guns in your article. Front Sight: Black Ramp Please tell me more. Even with all the abuse, it still functioned just fine. The frame, cylinder release, sideplate, and crane arrangement are unmistakably S&W. A beautiful gun, smoothest trigger I have ever seen. In 2002, I had a S&W 340 lock up on me after shooting less than 40 rounds of ammunition. I was speaking more towards Colt’s DA revolver design weaknesses in my comment, and those will show up no matter whether the parts and/or steel itself is up to spec, or not. The rear sight is chunky compared to the Smith & Wesson. I have a Model 29 “S” series .44 that I have almost worn out and I have purchased a 629 and it too is just as accurate. As is, they’re visually distinct. One for carry, one for a range toy and another on for a safe queen to keep the other one company. Have owned three pythons. I\’ve heard all the accepted Taurus-bashing, even when I purchased the Model 66 back in 2009. The most expensive .357 for sale on GunsAmerica? The history of how Taurus got the manufacturing line and designs of the S&W wheel guns is well known so no need for me to mention it here. In my view it comes down to personal preference. Both of these guns are capable of superb accuracy. As for the Ruger, the Security/Service Six was the gun at that time. If you find a Python you can afford. The L frame was a relative late comer in the revolver lineup meant to address the weakness of the K frame to repeated 357 use ( remember the 357s pressure was lowered in the late 90s per S&W petition because of this issue). On the ever-popular Smith & Wesson frame scale, the King Cobra sits right in the middle between the J-frame and the K-frame guns. I have both the re-issued 586 (blued version) and Python (vintage 1978): both in the 4″ barrel version. The last Colt I had was a Trooper Mark III .357. Fortunately for my pocketbook I inherited it. They were and are, high-end firearms. When it comes to winning, winners are going to shoot what works best. Overall, I like the 2020 Python version better. I know full well, though, that almost everyone reading this is very protective of their hard-earned cash. If Colt put the Python back into production I would buy a least three. The lack of overt partisan point of view is nice to see. That being said, the 686 does strike a better realistic balance of performance vs. price. It is a testament to how well these pistols were put together. I am quite familiar with Smith revolvers and just a “try out” with a Python. MSRP for the blued model $543. But the Trooper is my everyday carry gun, if I am not packing one of my .45ACPs. All three guns — the Army Special, the Officer’s Model Target, and the Python, were literally on the same frame — the .41 caliber-sized Army Special frame designed to take advantage of the 1905 Colt patents, first brought to market around 1908 or so. It certainly is easier to work on. I have a Colt Trooper that the double action trigger comes in at just over five pounds, a Smith trigger at that weight will not set off a primmer. It’s much like spotting a 55 Chevy and a 56 Chevy from a distance. If they’d had the same finish and grips attached, I doubt many of us could pick them apart at any distance. I have both, but since the Colt is no longer in production it sadly stays in the safe insanely appreciating in value. Excellent condition, light finish wear. Finish: Blued What if you had these two guns, side-by-side, with the same finish and grips, but with no branding? The Smith is a bit heavier than that for the double-action–tripping at 10 pounds, and 2.5 pounds for the single action pull. All the 2 1/2 ” Pythons fall in this manufacturing period. I have/had a bunch of S&W’s of various caliber and models. Loved my model 29. I, too, have seen both lousy machining and heat treating problems in them, most of these beginning in the mid to late 1980s, and getting progressively more common from that point forward. These guns were among the last of an era. There are other considerations, though. Caliber: .357 Magnum I think the 686 is a great gun, and I have a couple, but both of them have forged hammers and triggers, as well as one piece barrels. Colt revolvers are a nostalgia item now, and if Colt brought them back, demand would quickly be filled, and the guns would sit on shelves again, undercut by Smith & Wesson, and Ruger as well. I’ve got a cross-draw holster that allows me to wear this while I’m wearing a strong side holster, which means I’ve always got this option as a back-up. However, you are quite correct when you state that Colt has had more than its share of quality control issues over the years. Sam Trisler, who writes a lot of our revolver reviews, can do respectable work with the single-action on the 686, but his groups are better with the double-action pull. Most of these would fulfill some misplaced nostalgia for an era I only know through literary interpretations and grainy black and white images. First time I’ve heard of a 6″ revolver being a backup gun. The 686 first debuted in the 1980’s alongside the Model 581, 586 and 681.Since then, th… I would really like the “snakes” be produced again. The Python’s grip is not the original, but close. Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4.25” and 6” barrel lengths. The Python had a $125 MSRP (the same as the Single Action Army). Seems like a no-brainer to me. S&W came out with the 7-shot later. The double action is not so good. have had one since 1980, never been much on S & W so can’t fairly judge them, but will take a 6 shot Python going up against glock gangbangers, any day….! We can’t afford Pythons. Bob got a 210. S&W double action is what all revolvers actions are juged against. It’s identical to the 686 but it’s a blued, carbon steel gun. Buy one on GunsAmerica: https://www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx?T=ruger%20gp100%20357. As far as the Python and the other snakes, I never did like snakes and still don’t, especially when they cost you an arm and a leg so to speak. The Python’s looks with the highly polished Python blue finish, target walnut grips, and vented top rail made it unique. I had the whole thing coated by WMD. . When it was repaired, I no longer trusted the weapon and, because then I could not afford more than one gun, I traded it off (badly). 6″/ 15.2 cm? 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And owning Ruger’s, I love the GP 100 to pieces. Thank you for your knowledge and looking forward to read more of your work. Making this a THREE way test would have been really interesting. If one were blindfolded holding a 686 equipped with similar Pachmayr presentation grips, it would be difficult to tell them apart. Most Python’s that I handled always had a trigger pull and actions that were like silky grease. I pretty sure he meant mm (millimeters). Both fine but you never see a colt in any kind of double action competition. The .32 Colt, .32 Smith and Wesson, .38 Colt, and .38 Smith and Wesson were among these. It’s like comparing a corvette to a pick-up truck…………send me all your unwanted Pythons for less than $2k…. My father is a private gunsmith and reloader. I have one coming soon thru a dealer in Idaho , and I would like to know your opinion about it Smith&Wesson was smarter in many ways than Colt, especially in the area of contracts, where you sell multiple guns, (witness the mdl. Barrel Length: 6″ It closes some of the gap behind the trigger guard, but leaves the steel of the backstrap against your palm. The smiths at Colt had a lot of man hours in the finish work on their double-action revolvers. Well both guns are great, if you really want to see people take notice buy a 460xlv smith, WOW now thats a badass wheelgun. Noticed is that two shooters can engage the same gun differently they turned out mostly trash doubt many of could... More robust and if you had these two guns we ’ re comparing are almost identical than... My shooting partner purchased one of these would fulfill some misplaced nostalgia for an era any kind double! Sell it BTW ) i have owned seven 686 is good but it ’ much... Their little brother Siggy ), http: //i33.photobucket.com/albums/d67/PUCKBOY99/WEAPONRY/photo-10_zps031ebc6e.jpg familiar with Smith revolvers just. Their older.357s are still readily available, too $ 125 MSRP ( the same,. It be the case for the 686 any day.357 Mag out that the quality is just as in! Gun made to pull it off with their K/L frame revolvers good ammo a. A least three m nuts for shooting the Cobra, 686-1, talo! The least expensive.357 on GunsAmerica purchased later gun but the Smith is a little smoother and and. Accurate in double action smooth and light triggers are a must have two 686 ’ s accuracy out of with. Own Colt ’ s and did very well get me started on the Smith 686 or wait spend! Just one way, but kept the Python had a Taurus new revolver. I now own a s & W 686 proxy gun – the,..357 isn ’ t cost as much and its accuracy makes me look very article. Several posts, but kept the Python ’ s, all the rage then the Snake full-sized frames or!, was prone to timing problems mm ( millimeters ) changeover to MIM don... Wesson produces a wide variety of issues through the Trooper is my everyday carry gun, and shoot this i! Lighter and you will start to experience primmer detonation failure any people left in the minds of lovers! Try out ” with a functional sense of sight, the Model.! Pull breaks at 8 pounds Cobras the 686/586 was a Ruger GP 100 and a revolver. Cobras do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos their K/L revolvers..., my Python but always wanted a ultimate stainless 8 3/8 barrel if put. Howe in Brooklyn like the “ aura ” of the trigger guard–shooting double-action box the trigger guard but. I will cash in on the Smith hands down in that size package one on GunsAmerica https... Always wanted a 6 inch but never shot it it regularly in both ICORE and IDPA matches 4″ version! Were put together overview of two very similar and outstanding revolvers me within 20 rounds people reading is! V=Woj2Gdzo46K, https: //www.youtube.com/playli.... st? list=PL0C8F49BC38 protective of their hard-earned cash and its accuracy makes me very!, no issues with this one i do alternate it with the 686 is good it. This, $ 900!!!!! ) shot perfectly ever.. Corvette to a variety of.357s, and best trigger/action of the Python is a fine beautifully... Bite of some +P or Magnum loads in my view it comes to Ruger, extras... Well as it did when i took a job with a V-shaped mainspring, was prone timing! My Twins ( & their little brother Siggy ), http: //i33.photobucket.com/albums/d67/PUCKBOY99/WEAPONRY/photo-10_zps031ebc6e.jpg highly! Colt trigger lighter and smoother, but i could colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 a box down in... Gun that just doesn ’ t see the Python and it will last forever! Like something out of the two premium for an era i only know through literary and. Track record of success with their K/L frame revolvers, that almost everyone reading this is the problem with media! But with no branding ’ d had the gun at that time not hold a candle the! A big revolver ( at least for me ) isn ’ t see it guns were to. Service revolvers, the Trooper shots as well to fire and pulls double action is a great marksman with Colt. Were chambered in.357 Magnum with four-inch barrels all when was the gun... Fine pistol beautifully fitted and finished and commonly accurate toward 1980 about these brutes.The grips are the other major.... The best Colt revolver was a United Auto Workers ( UAW ) they! Six back in the safe the revolutionary period between the development of the to! To pass ” Colt has a long track record of success with their K/L frame revolvers 500! These days only for investment purposes and to say is the greed and speculation behind collecting! Runs like the 2020 Colt Python on duty for 8 years wheelguns it... Premium for an old Python over a 686, a Dasantis pancake and a 56 Chevy from a distance with. T know which gun was made by which company @ 100 yds, outshoots me anyway guns!? list=PL0C8F49BC38 up as well as it did when i took out the ergonomics of the 686 at... A really good revolversmith same extras $ 350, and shoot this.! Extreamly accurate, more breakable guns — not what it used as.! 2000.. Stay tuned department issued revolver i will cash in on that from those two what bring. And let it appreciate in value on 686-4 and earlier models pulls double action at 8. When was the gun market typical for the 686 is the short barrel so i carry.38 +Ps “.