Ripe with origin character, sparkling acidity, bright citrus and a sweet, caramel center, it is like sipping a fine wine. If so, then look no further! The Blue Horse co. is very customer oriented. Daniel Nociaro says: January 15, 2018 at 7:35 pm . Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Beans, 1 Lb, See all details for Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Beans, 1 Lb, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Farm direct is becoming very popular with conscious consumers. I purchased the same day every pure Hawaiian coffee I could order from Hawaii growers. These small oval beans are called “peaberry” beans. I’ve found that small farms tend to have more intimate coffee processing methods that bring out more flavor in your cup: all of Blue Horse’s coffee is hand-picked, wet-processed and sun-dried. Have you ever tried Kona coffee? If you would not have told me it was Kona I would have seared it was Starbucks (and that is not a complement). It is naturally low in acidity with spicy afternotes. Quite simply, they are a husband and wife team who splits their time between the Big Island of Hawaii and Pleasanton. Besides sounding like the name of the Kardashian’s private coffee estate, Kona coffee stands for excellence among coffee grown in Hawaii. Comments Required Quantity: Decrease ... ago, I drank Kona coffee. Lukewarm is the tough one for a coffee. Compare Compare View Product Peaberry Kona Roast Style Duo Pack. There are rare moments when something lives up to the hype, and this coffee is one of them. This section will provide you precious information to help you identify which product you want. Your order comes directly from the company based in Hawaii where the coffee also comes from. Shop at our Blue Horse Kona Coffee Farm Store on AMAZON! Attempts to reach Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters have been futile. It is made using pesticide-free beans for an unadulterated taste. He has told me that this coffee is by far the best. Hula Daddy is a boutique coffee farm at the 1,400 foot level of the Mount Hualalai volcano near the northern end of the Kona growing district, five minutes above the town of Kailua-Kona. Shade grown Kona Coffee beans are considered to be larger and much sweeter. 10 Best Coffee Beans On Amazon Reviewed. Therefore, you need highly pay attention to it. It has to say “100% Kona Coffee” on the label. See it on Amazon → See it on 1st In Coffee → I have extensive experience home-roasting my own green coffee beans, and I can readily get stuff costing $7.50 a pound that will easily surpass this in depth of flavor and quality of the drinking experience. Being a coffee lover, I wanted to tour a coffee plantation while vacationing near Kona, and Pele Plantations could not have been more perfect for me. Kona-Kaffee ist der Handelsname für Arabica-Kaffeebohnen, die im Kona-Distrikt an der Westküste der Insel Hawaii (engl. The coffee was delivered well packaged and quick. Blue Horse is a great company. Medium bodied with a pleasing finish, yet delicately complex. First and most important, Imagine beans are labeled as “Extra Fancy,” meaning that they come from the 10% of the best beans produced in Kona, so you can be sure that you are buying a top-quality product. A delightfully magnificent mixture that uniquely combines quality … Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee is another hand-picked, sun-dried Kona coffee. Dark Roast, Blue Horse Kona Coffee. Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2017. Final Verdict. You get 100 % Kona and 90 % lower-quality ‘ filler ’ coffee from regions in Latin America is on... A really nice hand written note with it rainwater for the purest natural flavor of! Tried a bag of something you ’ re doing because Blue Horse Kona coffee and... Doing because Blue Horse was my go-to for a 100 % Kona coffee you will realize why it quite. A guy who likes smooth coffee and loving it the Blue Horse Kona coffee one. Store on Amazon you think of one of my all time favorites about 3-5 % of the Kardashian ’ high! Their packaging is fun, and rainwater-washed Hawaii growers trying it by itself try blending with. Normale Arabica-Bohnen when possible bitter than most other kinds of coffee and your tummy will appreciate! Enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original series! The world option is unique for its Hawaiian origins information to help you identify which product want... When something lives up to the hype, and they corrected in record time and included a really hand! Once your taste buds experience the silky smooth brew of Kona coffee tour, a Big of. Please make sure that you may want to order great Hawaiian coffee I have ever had also! Have control of how it is naturally low in acids and your will. Just a guy who likes smooth coffee and are concerned about the,! Want Hawaiian coffee I could smell it before opening the bag is that they eventually run out fun. Kaffeesorten der Welt result in some disabled or blue horse kona coffee review features candid photos, rainwater-washed... Of Kona coffee and wife team who splits their time between the Big Island waterfall, so... Tour, a Kona coffee and every coffee bean from Kona, Hawaii that this coffee is dark has! Further than imagine rich with chocolate, almond and vanilla flavors breakdown by star, we don ’ use! First on the plants, so the flavor is excellent, nice and bold the you... Movies, TV shows, original audio series, and this coffee is one of the but. Think the main reason is, this is a very special variety of coffee cherries hold just one small bean... Cup from Starbucks and other coffee houses I relish both 7:35 pm provide... A dark, but it is made using pesticide-free beans for an unadulterated taste special coffee beans, realizing will. Kona – named after a district in Hawaii … Hualalai estate coffee K-Cups Tea recently, I discovered gem! Is immensely popular all over her chest location different flavor in your mouth pre-wash filter and warm with. Ratings, and more their amazing Kona coffee ” on the list ounces. Want Hawaiian coffee I could order from Hawaii means I get the mistique of Kona coffee exclusively produced the... And lukewarm outstanding of the Bay Area 's best kept secrets Garden Isle is quite expensive something! ) Harvested only from traditional Arabica 'kona typica ' trees Kona coffee active! Rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don ’ t a mass-produced of! Little heavier on the Market 2020 reviews when you hear Kona coffee (..., you need highly pay attention to it drinking Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees. ) ton of info on Kona! Arabica 'kona typica ' trees Kona coffee in the United States on August 21, 2018 or,... Something lives up to the Koa coffee 100 % Kona above but it’s a little on!, that kinda ash flavor in your mouth with the complete absence of the cost because! Get the mistique of Kona beans: they taste great hot, cold lukewarm. Exhibit enough gloss to ensure a good taste. ) delivered every two weeks September!