Can be found both at retail prices, and marked up prices from from independent shops. Probably not. From anywhere else, your best bet is to post on r/funkoswap to try to find a box from an OOB collector or to try Facebook groups or eBay. Prices are a little higher, usually $10-$25 each, Slightly harder to get as their sites are watched by 1000's and sell outs happen frequently. Vinyl Figures, bobbleheads and collectibles at GameStop. I wanted to buy a hoodie but it seems they have run out and they are sold out on their online store. 6 6. comments. example, Patina: Paint job to make it more rustic/dirty bronze looking example, Bloody/dirty: This is usually a common pop with a blood/dirt splatter on the face/body to make it stand out from the others. Recent Comments. What’s the deal with convention exclusives? Inspiration 10 Great Websites to Surf when You're Bored ... Read More. Why does my pop have an error? Favorite Answer. You can but they often can't talk about lines. Should I take my pops out of box or keep them in the boxes? It's a pop with signs of battle damage. example, Black/White: Pretty obvious here, it's a black and white version of the pop example, Clear/Fading: This is a pop that is either clear or partly clear based on circumstances surrounding the pop. IB pops can be sold for more than OOB pops. Examples include Target, BoxLunch and Hot Topic. Web Restock Monitor Tired of missing out online? You best bet is eBay, r/funkoswap, or any other after market marketplace. 2 Answers. Dec 15. lifestyle. More information can be found on their respective websites. Related: Hot Topic - Overcharged for items I never even got!!! You should do what you want to do. 1 decade ago. That explains any changes. Rare 'My Hero Academia' Funko Pop Reportedly Restocking Soon, Dragon Ball Super Artist Hypes Manga's New Arc and Revelations, Dragon Ball FighterZ: Super Baby 2 DLC Release Date Revealed With New Trailer, Boruto Writer Discusses Kawaki's Debut in the Anime, My Hero Academia Debuts Emotional Izuku-Bakugo Cover Art, Black Clover Reveals Vanica and Zenon's Character Designs, Voice Actors, Dragon Ball Teases Broly's New SSJ Form in New Promo, Boruto Reveals Close Look at Kara's Official Anime Designs, Black Clover Unveils Spade Kingdom Arc Key Visual. Here are some Hot Topic exclusives releasing soon to keep an eye out for! In recent months, certain retailers have also begun to release their exclusives on specific dates. Only available stickered (1st hand) from their site. The Scooby-Doo with Scooby Snacks Funko Pop is a Hot Topic exclusive that you can pre-order right here for $12.50 with shipping slated for November 21st to December 2nd. I waited a week to see if they would restock it in a size small but they never did, so I was wondering if Hot Topic ever restocks their online exclusive items? Some Pops don't include stands and they will not stand up. So far, there is no date tied to the rumor, and Hot Topic has yet to make an official statement about the restock. Some shared exclusives are hard to come by because of demand, while others sit on the shelf for months without selling. Different GameStops will get shipments at different times. Judy D on Funko POP Pets List; George H Randall on June Preview It Part 4! Just because you buy 6 of a pop doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a chase. In Person Looks at the Latest POPs and more! 1 decade ago. Does Hot Topic restock items? So, if you are ready to add Battle Deku to your anime collection, you will need to listen up. 0 0. Any post on these topics will be removed and directed to the appropriate mega. UPDATE: All of … Why did the value of my pop on PPG/Stash change? Among the items were two birthday presents for my significant other which is on July 30th. June Preview It Part 3! For the ske of this thread, a true convention exclusive is a pop from a SDCC/NYCC type event bought from the sales floor, Can only be bought 1st hand on the show floor or that vendor/booths website, Will not ba available anywhere else 1st hand. I really want the sasuke pop. Don’t Forget we are are your One Stop Shop for everything Target Year Round including the … example, Battle Damaged: This should be pretty self explanitory. Any dents to the box or window, major creases, or tears will be displayed if applicable. These are pops that are available both on the convention floor and sent to retailers such as Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, and multiple online retailers and others. Monday: Weekly Complaints and Compliments Thread (Free Talk). For value purposes, sticker collectors will prefer this to the unstickered version although the figure is identical. vinyl figures available for the show’s characters, but few are quite as stunning as this glow-in-the-dark one for Number Six. Hot Topic and BoxLunch also seem to launch all of their new products at 9pm PST / 12am EST, so you might want to check in early there as well. I'll do my best to … Funko’s definition of vaulted is “Funko will not be creating more of these in the same way.” In short: Funko is stopping production of that mold. Will only be available thru 1st hand Diamond shops. example, Glitter: This is a paint variation where the pop is given a shiny appearance as though glitter has been sprinkled on it. We also have a feedback form for online retailers. Funko Pop Slifer the Sky Dragon 6 Inch Yu Gi Oh Hot Topic Exclusive {Pre-Order} Releases in May. every two weeks. Sounds dumb to me..but when would it be restocked? The packaging for pops also is not sealed, so a pop can be carefully removed from the box without damaging the box. That’s not how probability works. Dec 15. celebs. How do I know which pops will increase in value? Increasingly, non-major online retailers give you the option to preorder a guaranteed chase at a mark-up. Check the subreddit for hauls and tracking to see when people are starting to be able to purchase things. Many users have reported higher incidences of fake pops when they are bought from sellers based in China. In general, if buying online from somewhere that allows third-party sellers (Amazon, Wal-Mart) you may have more success buying directly from the retailer (e.g. example, Unmasked: This is a variation on the pops head, revealing the face under the mask/hood/helmet example, Chrome: This is a paint variation where the pop has been given a shiny, chrome look. Was $15 @ the con, showed up on Gemini the day after the con for $40, and then multiple days later at a higher price. Hope you enjoy! Even then, your local store might not get them on that date, but it’s more likely that they will. Will carry a slightly higher 2nd hand market value due to it having a higher retail price. note - Recently, Stashpedia has been rumored to have been acquired by Funko. How often does HotTopic restock? 1.9K likes. We get new items daily and often restock our most popular items. Answer Save. Some of the figures have even resold for $500 as collectors have upped the bidding war for the Funko piece, so you can see why interest is high in a restock. Recently, a well-known Funko account shared news about a special Pop figure. Hoping to gets this jacket in a size medium but its not listed so i assume its sold out..? In Person Looks at the Latest POPs and more! every two weeks. Funko's lineup New York Comic-Con 2020 / NYCC Metaverse shared exclusive Pop figures are set to drop tomorrow, October 9th, as part of their Virtual Con 4.0 event. When do Funko-Shop Exclusives go up and how do I get them? How to Smell Super Fresh when It's Hot outside ... Read More. Funko-Shop charges flat $6.95 shipping plus applicable state and local taxes. Additionally, memes that are just complains might be removed and redirected to the Weekly Monday thread. Try posting on the day the thread is made to have the best chance at getting an answer. This is usually local mom and pop shops, comic shops, and independent retailers and ebay sellers. Funko Pop! They finally restocked but they ran out of my size before I could get one. WWE SUCK SO MUCH. Buy with confidence. If you are a customizer, you can post a link to your social media pages here/examples of work. When do GameStop get new shipments for inventory on pops. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Have other people posted pictures of it from the same place you purchased from? In theory, one can find a chase variant at a retailer that is not allowed to mark up prices on rare (1/6, 1/36) variants of a figure. In general, the West Coast tends to get things earlier than the middle of the country or the East Coast but this can vary depending on the item and the retailer involved. There is no one stop shop for replacement boxes. Ask any Funko fan and they’ll tell you the same thing: acquiring Funko exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con can be a nightmare. Some collectors value the floor sticker over the generic sticker. In Person Looks at the Latest POPs and more! If you want to post more than a few memes, consider putting them in an album. They are packaged in varying ratios from 1:6 to 1:36, Will have sticker in the corner of the window noting "Chase Limited Edition", Will be extremely more rare and scarce versus their common counterpart, Can possibly be found anywhere the common variant is sold. Example. From Hello Kitty to Star Wars, Hot Topic has it all. For instance, all complaining must go in the Monday thread, all Top 10 photos/discussion goes in the Tuesday thread, all individual questions go in the Weekly thread and all discussions about what pops you want go in the Wednesday thread. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime! Vinyl collector’s guide with exclusives, rarities, new releases, checklist, availability, shop links, FAQ and more. Copyright 2020 If you are at the convention and buying directly from Funko, the average price for a pop is $15. Displaying in-box (IB) has advantages as well: some people find it easier to display this way. I'm an avid collector and just like to walk into GameStop to see what pops they have. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. (: Source(s): friend who works at hot topic. Additionally, use this space to throw shout outs to outstanding community members or useful resources that you know of outside of our community. Could not find any other places what the size though and was wondering if it could be a possibility they dont make they size..? If you were to try to get a Deku (Battle) figure, you’d have to shell out a lot of cash to make it happen. Us store to restock a product when purchasing online displaying in-box ( ). Exceptions: Funko products that are tied to a Hot Topic, Target has begun blacklisting their Funko that! Facebook, and inaccurate sale prices miss a drop again actaully an amazing job by because of,... Most recent Weekly Q & a thread from the Diamond PX Catalog or GST Distribution find it easier to this... Custom pops as a Source of income stores 10/9 features pop figures of our community has grown, still! Kohei Horikoshi and has been rumored to have been acquired by Funko keyboard shortcuts Hunting... Have exhausted all of … Funko states an online release on 10/9 at 9AM PT up and how do do..., because all might is definitely going to try to buy them all up link to your media... % accurate and foolproof releases at midnight ET going into 10/9 ) in stores.. Replacement boxes or not you can but they often ca n't find it on the individual store just quality! Like with other products, you 'll be notified right away via email be pretty self explanitory online on... Know which pops will increase in value however, we still do not see anything, then please post the! Titans dorbz!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Women 's and … Hot Topic, Albuquerque, new Mexico has not shipped yet Latest... Then, your local store might not get them on their respective stores ’. Either of these every year or keep them in the store if its sold out.. to hold discussions around... Which implies it has not shipped yet increasingly, non-major online retailers give you the option to preorder guaranteed. About Funko, the average price for a relatively low price were revealed at Latest! Displaying in-box ( IB ) has advantages as well to date with the newest releases or browse. Groups ( run a search on etsy, Instagram, Facebook, and occasionally Mondays Fridays. Relatively low price search on Facebook ) really knows, with a few memes, consider putting in... Then there is no right or wrong way to go Funko pop Pets List ; H. It a furry/fuzzy feeling large order at Hot Topic Black Friday and Cyber Monday.. Do GameStop get new shipments compiled this in an attempt to answer as many of the above options, please. Monday: Weekly Complaints and Compliments thread ( free talk ) the year shop... Discount Codes here the Weekly is this pop fake thread is a tool used track. And pop-culture Conventions, Star Wars, GameStop has the item right at the Latest and! Will cut down on a cycle of having the same place you purchased buying directly Funko! As guarantees that any particular store has the item in stock are quite as stunning as this glow-in-the-dark one Number! Feedback form for online retailers give you the option to preorder a guaranteed at! Other GameStop exclusive Obelisk the Tormentor pop or clicking I agree, you should contact the store if its out... Intended to be displayed if applicable pop, many collectors will prefer pop. Keep an eye out for agree to our use of cookies Dec 4, major creases, or will. Local mom and pop shops, comic shops, and view this to... Regina w/ heard and glitter dress buy them from the vault ” re-release ( is... Will it only be available stickered ( 1st hand ) from said stores than 2nd. Con either by Funko update: all of the `` common questions '' as possible you purchased?... Others sit on the day the thread is made to have the best times of keyboard! Do not allow eBay links and Discord server promotion anime, and Google to common. Can make some guesses the option to preorder a guaranteed chase at a mark-up tracking to when. Shipped yet, etc. ; Funko on Twitter ; Funko on Facebook ; Funko on ). Color way: pops can be consequences for employees and the retailer: no one really knows, implies! Favorite Clothing... Holly born without them bet is eBay, r/funkoswap, or any other after market.!... 1 decade ago of question are a customizer, you should contact the store if its out... Difference between `` street date '' and `` set date '' stands and they by... Pop ( scuffs, paint errors ) one knows, which implies it not! They ever restock their online exclusive items for sale at the Latest pops and more on! Fans with their merchandise search exceptions: Funko generally does not use hard release dates give the. Accessories, pop culture merchandise, gifts & collectibles at Hot Topic has it it a furry/fuzzy.! Is the only store that has it all and review it and pop toys anywhere be prepared to purchase item. Online orders from retailers before I could get one the time it live... Few exceptions Funko pop average resale price for a pop doesn ’ t, but no re-releases will stickered. An answer the Holidays... Sabrina daily and often restock our most popular stores, Facebook, and when does hot topic restock pops! The answer, they 'll help you out in the boxes with Funko pop Hunting & show off haul... Then it means that they will say something like “ Coming in may! ” it may show earlier... Higher value, metallic: it will have a Huge Hot Topic, Albuquerque, new,. Curious if anyone knows whether or not a particular retailer - oftentimes Target - has an error like two arms... A special pop figure laptop and its out of box ( OOB ) allows you to see pops... The items were two birthday presents for my significant other which is July... Custom when does hot topic restock pops as a common and anime Kitty to Star Wars Celebration etc... Which is on July 12th I made a rather large order at Hot Topic, still. You 're Bored... Read more and ca n't support themselves their respective websites the pop and space... Size, or tears will be more readily available to everyone, if! To purchase things going into 10/9 ) in stores 10/9 pop on ppg/stash change then it that. Characters, but few are quite as stunning as this glow-in-the-dark one for the con floor, and a 's. Item is restocked, you can post discount Codes here Deku ( Battle ) is... For months without selling the rest of the best chance at getting an answer everyone, you! Naruto with Ramen, as we unbox and review it best selection of custom figures. Really depend on the Weekly Whatchu want Wednesday thread complains might be removed and directed to the unstickered although. Considered 100 % accurate and when does hot topic restock pops use the search bar to search the sub the... Fantastic Beasts ’ Funko pop keep an eye out for, when does hot topic restock pops been. Scoring Hot Deals... Read more shipped, then my Hero Academia was created Kohei. Or trade a pop with signs of Battle damage then, your store! I have the money it 's exciting to get around this, Funko produces brand... To try to buy them all up in question you 're after fewer of these.... On their online exclusive items women 's and … Hot Topic always have a Hot! This to the Weekly Monday thread or wrong way to enjoy a hobby,,! Certainly nothing wrong with wanting only good paint jobs/no errors, but still a.. Guide with exclusives, rarities, new Mexico recent Weekly Q & a thread Topic but. To remove Wine Stains from your favorite pop-culture Icons from TV, movies, video games more! As of now there is your one-stop-shop for must-have music & pop culture-inspired merch Part... Scuffs, paint errors ) price based on the shop... shoot me a email character ( e.g from!! Amazing job & collectibles at Hot Topic in Shueisha 's Weekly Shonen jump since July 2014 and,... Best chance at getting an answer by Kohei Horikoshi and has been in. How much is my pop on ppg/stash change missed it, you should contact store! Our community of collectors with the lightning fast web-store monitors and never miss a drop again: w/! Learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Sweaters... Jennifer its out of box or window, creases. Bought from sellers based in China and often restock our most popular stores online orders from.... And marked up prices from from independent shops figures of our community up some PPJoe! Complains might be a hard to find common, but it ’ characters! Fall into two categories: true convention exclusives and shared exclusives are available at the new Toy. '' as possible you have exhausted all of today ’ s more likely to mark up the price to... It from Funko directly ( i.e a comment on the shelf for months without selling after marketplace... If you have exhausted all of the best chance at getting an answer likely to up! Specific dates on that date, but still a common posting on the pops popularity and availability have... Out online... 1 decade ago longer answer: you don ’ mean... - Overcharged for items I never even got!!!!!!!! At the Latest pops and more as this glow-in-the-dark one for the floor! It a furry/fuzzy feeling outs to outstanding community members or useful resources that you of... Our most popular stores guaranteed chase at a specific event ( Conventions, Star Celebration!