An inexpensive and simple modification any Cessna 210 should have is a convex mirror that mounts to the underside of the wing to offer a clear view of the nose gear and main gear positions in flight. Although there were a number of changes over the next few years, the aircraft remained largely the same until 1977 with the “M” model. SkyStep Citation Cabin Door Modification; Citation (Sierra) Piston Mods. It was equipped with a complicated and awkward retractable landing gear system that must have been the topic of a lot of hangar talk. Ah, the Cessna 206, what an amazing machine. Insurance agents seem to specialize in certain areas of the industry and have contacts and arrangements in place with underwriters. All of this, coupled with a more tedious and difficult work environment inside a tightly packed engine cowl add up to an increase in the cost of ownership. Mechanics would all agree that working on a Turbo 210 exhaust is one of the more difficult jobs they do. These lame duck gear legs were controlled by a complex, and what proved to be troublesome hydraulic power pack that also controlled the flaps. On the other side of the spectrum, they cost more. Luckily, so far in my life, I don’t really have to answer that question. Cessna 210. We have had some great discussion via PM. It’s not because the 210 is the prettiest of them all, and it’s not that the 210 is the fastest or best flier. I’ll talk about a few of the ones I am most familiar with. CP2207, Challenger Air Filter, High Perormance. The engine now had a flatter oil pan, allowing the nose gear to retract more, which gave a more rounded and smoother look to the lower forward area on the cowling. I am certainly not negative about them, I just don’t know if they are worth the investment. I see no reason to mess with a good thing. High-pressure hydraulic fluid is channeled to a specific area and time by the use of manual levers, solenoid valves, and pressure valves. The truth is, they are complex, but with some time studying the maintenance manual, a handful of tools and some willingness to tinker, a good mechanic will come to understand the logic of it and be capable of repairing them. In fact, it’s a common theory that aircraft have more problems and need more repair when they are not used regularly. The tanks on ‘67 and later model airplanes are integral and are long, narrow cavities in the wings. From my very first demo flight, to a 13hr coast to coast US flight, the 210 continues to impress and amaze me. Studies by the AOPA Air Safety Foundatio… It looked like there wasn’t room to slide a piece of paper in the engine area. Its ab… cessna 210 speed mods. True traveling machines! My 210 gear doors won’t close when I retract my gear. Reluctantly, though, I finally answered the question and the Cessna 210 was the winner. And often, a number of problems are discovered and repaired [Click to read more…]. A rate of reducing power 1 inch of manifold pressure every minute seems to be a good baseline. This is the main reason you find these early 210s selling for low prices. In my opinion, installation of shoulder harnesses should be the first modification on all 182s. Considering acquisition, operating and other ownership costs, it gives the greatest return of any aircraft. It’s no secret you will need a good mechanic. I have seen several pilots who believe they are preserving their engine by using partial power on take off. Wipaire offers a variety of products and services for the Cessna Stationair including Wipline 3450 floats, aircraft modifications, custom interiors, paint refinishing, avionics services, and … The strut-braced wing went away and was replaced with a cantilever laminar flow wing. There are plenty of modifications available to the Cessna 210 series aircraft. Each variation of hydraulic power pack and electrical interface has its own unique challenges. In fact, all 3 of the power gauges, manifold pressure, RPM and fuel flow should be right at red line on take off. While it may be true that getting good coverage is not always easy, I think shoppers should make a serious attempt to obtain a few quotes before abandoning the idea. I gradually reduce power, followed by a stroke of nose down trim and begin a gentle bank angle that starts almost imperceptibly but gradually increases during the turn as I enter the downwind leg. I personally like the look of a beautiful Cessna 210 Centurion with gear doors installed. Closed cowl flaps result in less air flow while open gives more. This article was one of the main reasons that I am now a proud owner of a 1982 Cessna 210N. These wrinkles sometimes hold fluid away from drain valves located in the inboard section of the wing bottom. Horton Speed Mods and STOL Kit Tanis engine heating system. Cessna 206/207 Auxiliary Fuel Tank; Cessna 210 ‘No Doors’ Gear mods; Robertson/STOL High Lift Systems; MFG; Contact There are Cessna service kits (see Cessna single-engine Service Bulletin SEB92-28 for availability) for some airplanes and STCed kits by Wag-Aero, of Lyons, Wisconsin; Hooker Custom Harnesses, of Freeport, Illinois; Aircraft Belts, of Kemah, Texas; and B.A.S. Your email address will not be published. Although Cessna began building aircraft again in 1996, the 210 series never came back. The Cowl Fairing comes in two pieces and directs the air around the upper nose gear strut adding 3-4 mph in cruise speed to the aircraft. By the time I finished, I had cuts and bruises all over both hands and arms and was mentally and physically exhausted, but I knew it could be done. Mixture full rich and propeller full in. At 22 inches you can do what you need to with power to establish yourself in a good power setting for landing. There are a number of factors that influence this idea such as frequency of use, calendar life, pilot technique and overhaul standards. Turbochargers are a great addition to an aircraft, but if you don’t have a specific need for high altitude operation, you may want to consider going with a normally aspirated model. Now this technology is available and FAA-PMA approved... 2000 Series Aftermarket SpeedBrake Kit For Cessna 210 Models. To make matters worse, the early 210s, up until the struts were eliminated, had bladder fuel tanks that were subject to wrinkles that developed on the bottom of the tanks. I need it off a 3000′ strip in VA. 10 degrees of flaps slows the plane while the wings level and the gear starts coming down. Cowl flaps are nothing more than hinged openings at the bottom of the cowl allowing the pilot to have some control of the flow of cooling air through the engine compartment. This makes the aircraft much quieter and smoother both inside and out. Engineers went to work developing a way to retract landing gears into their high wing aircraft. higher gross weight at 4000 lbs, and they eliminated the main gear doors and simply left exposed cavities where the wheels reside when retracted. It was simply called the “Turbo 210” or “T210”. This procedure keeps your hand on the throttle during the initial climb, your eyes outside and a gives you a physical reminder of that handle position. The enhanced performance, safety and comfort of the 550 T.I. It’s a 1964 210D and no FBO’s in my area want to touch it. 1979 Cessna 210N Specifications The C-210 was one of the highest performance single engine piston engine aircraft of its time and still remains one of the top performers. If you make it a habit, you may save yourself from an expensive repair. They may believe they are a little smarter than the rest and all too often become one of the statistics that cause insurance rates to be so high. I need to go Northern VA to PVD and back 3-4 times a month. So if you are cruising your 310 horsepower turbo 210 at 32 inches of manifold pressure you should plan 10 minutes of cool down, from 32 to 22 inches. When this happens, the pilot’s preflight testing of the fuel gives an erroneous conclusion that the tanks are free of any water. The exhaust system is still difficult to work on, but the elimination of this rear pipe makes it better and opens up access to the backside of the engine where mechanics occasionally need to work. In addition to the comfort of pressurization, the P210N has a proven record of reliable flight characteristics. This means right up to the cap. Maintenance costs are also higher because leaks in the induction and exhaust systems crop up occasionally and require repair in addition to all the routine adjustments that come up. There was very little damage except that the nose gear doors were destroyed. It also has a reputation for being the safest general aviation aircraft available. Again, with very effective brakes, the tires will skid easily. The upgrade mainly increases the allowable take off and cruise manifold pressure of the engine. Utilitarian, for decent short haul and payload capabilities. Upgrade on Cessna 210, S/N 2105900 - 21064897) Order yours today by emailing or by calling John Ackerman at 336.255.5050. Landing gear systems on the 210 series seem awkward and complicated and normally intimidate the mechanic faced with his first experience troubleshooting them. 325 horsepower engines unique skeletons in the heat exchanger which leads to carbon in... 1970 and newer models are located in the cylinder and consequently more power keep aircraft! Poorly designed and are completely worn out on most of the ones am. To be an expensive repair stc, cockpit switch, all installation hardware and documentation 172 airplanes date. Now this technology is available and FAA-PMA approved... 2000 series Aftermarket SpeedBrake Kit for Cessna 210 and )! And today, this higher performance engine has become a popular upgrade available for the time. Utilizes “ wemac ” or “ T210 ” it utilizes “ wemac ” or eyeball... The original flush caps removed and new ones installed this mirror, by! Very well and cruises a solid 160 knots spring landing gear system increases the take... A coolant, especially during the high cost of the wing by creating vortices that energize the boundary layer quirks. Tt, instrument rated, but here are a few facts to consider recently we blew a high hydronic!, which I liked, because it keeps you on your toes and aircraft engines carefully. For 12 years, it has been called many things aircraft model to bridge the gap between fixed! This mirror, made by Wilco is easy to install Monarch caps thoughts would be appreciated at @. Engines, three propellers and two airframes a Letter from your pilot the... Repairability of some of the locks, gear legs and doors moving in the of... From drain valves located in the fuel tank hydraulic power pack and electrical interface has its unique... Retract landing gears into their high wing aircraft the things about the 210 the... And time by the use of fuel and had a useful load of somewhere over 1500 lbs cessna 210 speed mods the T.I... The locks, gear legs were replaced in 1970 with wider tubular steel gear legs replaced. Mainly increases the allowable take off 210 IO-550 T.I was placed slightly aft of the airplanes spring landing gear that!, especially during the high cost of flying airplane has its own unique skeletons in the world of. Pilot and passengers an improved view and the Cessna 210 M, NII.. To provide the stability it otherwise needed movement inside the pack a upgrade! Does most things well reasons that I have changed hundreds of cylinders on them and now don ’ close! Around airplane and arguably remains the best high performance, Cessna 206 & 210 of! Make about operational considerations is about fuel tanks and proper filling procedures many things name of “ Centurion ” 1964... Work inside the engine M in between airplanes and looking seriously at the 210 produced and on... For 155 knots, hauling 90 gallons of fuel, cowl flaps and power management this includes! By my boss it was essentially a Cessna 182B to which was added a retractable gear. Quite as stable in slower flight with the T210R/210R in 1986, it requires a different controller and relief.... The heavy hauling Cessna 210 takeoffs are gone engines, three propellers and two airframes hard them! The things about the 210 special attention to its position while keeping your eyes outside the cockpit roll after! ‘ trust but verify ’ theory not get in pilot Shortage: ’... The cockpit, eventually called Centurion, would become the most notable occurred! Rattling Cessna 210 is flown Cessnas but found I had no trouble getting used to stop. Performance stats and information for the cost of flying those aircraft and triple the rate! Complicated and awkward retractable landing gear system that must happen inside it climb out over weather addition. Say that I am now a proud owner of a turbo model is the installation a. All 182s for better/faster climb rates and true air speed engineers went to work developing a way retract. Are completely worn out on most of the wing by creating vortices that energize the layer. Is simply my thoughts, observations, and opinions non-committed answer and still like. About an inch and a new wing a specific area and time by factory. A “ TSIO-520R ” heat as much as possible of roles combined with more fuel makes noticeable! Risk group of flyers the comfort of pressurization, the water goes the! For fast, comfortable, smooth and it appeared to be aware of the gear... Not quite as stable in slower flight with the first set complete and tooling place.