VOLUME 17 - The dragon lords move out and we get to see their personalities much better, rather than attacking the city, they circle it to draw out Ainz. E says: February 10, 2019 at 5:36 am. └┐└██████┐└┐└██┐└┐└┐└┐┐▌██████▌┐└┐█████┐ The Roble Holy Kingdom is surrounded by an allied army of 40,000 demi-humans. Overlord, Vol. yoooo, when is the final chapter??? We appreciate you!! now that you said it i totally forgot that the original one got released a few weeks ago and that jac also uses some of its content for story material, Second: your wreting these four volumes are Soo Great “...A mere three Soul Eaters devastated the entire city they appeared in. When next part is coming….I m eagerly waiting bro….it’s seems about 2 week I m checking but no update. hopefully so, except i couldnt help but think whether the theory stating that momon is sorcerer king in disguise were actually true or not. like the saying goes. But it is always disappointing when it’s not posted when he says it will be and frustrating when he makes no update after he misses his self-made deadlines. It’s already past 1pm on Sunday and part 5 hasn’t been posted. No more thank you from the heart for giving us this story!!! Please give some updates about you and the novel. ▌███████└┐└┐┐█└┐┐█▌██████████████┐└████┐ The fate of two worlds still hangs in the balance, he needs to secure more allies in the Reverse World, and Yula and the wicked god continue their dark machinations in the background, but that doesn't mean that our hero can't take a little time for romance and relaxation. A que te referís con “ultima actualizacion”? Still not update? Already stopped expecting the schedules to stick — we just need to wait more, this ain’t our first rodeo. ███████└█└██┐└┐└┐└▌▌┐└┐└┐└█▌┐└┐└▌█┐└▌███ Let’s pray that he’s still alive and safe somewhere, somehow. It’s past midnight and part 5 still hasn’t been posted. Nao_Nana_100. 4 2 24. i’ll promptly skip it – those chapters – as i don’t want to see my waifu died or tortured. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Release date not yet announced. ┐└┐██▌█▌██┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└███▌┐└┐└┐└┐└█▌┐▌█└▌┐ Part 14 will be out the upcoming Monday. my only regret is the fact that you did not do it at the beginning I would really like to see how you would work the parts with nynha, archer and in a way imina too!! Vol.14 officialy confimed that Overlord will be ending in 3 volumes Vol.15 is teased to be released in Spring 2021 #4. Me when I finally get my hands on part 14: I wish he would announce a new deadline at least. Prologue                                        Chapter 1, part 1, Chapter 1, part 2                            Chapter 1, part 3, Chapter 1, part 4                            Chapter 2, part 1, Chapter 2, part 2                            Chapter 2, part 3, Chapter 2, part 4                            Intermission, Chapter 3, part 1                            Chapter 3, part 2, Chapter 3, part 3                            Chapter 3, part 4, Chapter 4, part 1                            Chapter 4, part 2, Chapter 4, part 3                            Chapter 4, part 4, Chapter 4, part 5                            Chapter 4, part 6, Chapter 4, part 7                            Chapter 4, part 8, Chapter 5, part 1                            Chapter 5, part 2, Chapter 5, part 3                            Chapter 5, part 4, Chapter 5, part 5                            Chapter 5, part 6, Chapter 5, part 7                            Chapter 5, part 8, Chapter 5, part 9                            Chapter 5, part 10, Chapter 5, part 11                          Chapter 5, part 12, Chapter 5, part 13                          Chapter 5, part 14, Chapter 5, part 15                          Chapter 5, part 16, Chapter 5, part 17                          Chapter 5, part 18, Epilogue                                         From the Author, I’m eagerly waiting for your 15th episode, I can’t read after chapter 5 part 13????? Nevermind for the schedule, as would say Ainz: “thanks for your hard work” (and this story !). Unexpectedly, the server does not shut down and Momonga is stuck in a skeleton avatar in another world. IIIII NNN NNNN EEEEEEE EEEEEEE DDDDD MMM MMMMM MMM OOOOOOO RRR RRR EEEEEEE !!!! Evileye see's her teacher dead in the battlefield and decides to leave the battlefield due to her hesitation to kill Ainz/Momonga so that she may discover her self she decides to leave Blue Rose which would mean she survives the wrath of Entoma. I wonder if Ainz would let Mare fight Zeshi, that would be great. They are a secret we ask you to look forward to That his readers love his content and wish more from him despite feeling disappointed by his update times is proven by how many still return religiously back to his website every day to check whether he updated.. despite knowing deep down that he hasn’t. ▌██▌┐███████└┐└┐▌██████████████████████┐ Reply. It just wouldn’t be fair! In his one sided fight against Zesshi he reveals he is Momonga, due to Zesshi keep asking him if Momonga is as strong as Ainz in her yandere mode. He stated before he has a nasty writer’s block. maybe you should give up on finishing this in 15 volumes and make 16? Jac one month is passed away. I’m in withdrawal, I need my Overlord fix XD. save. “Volume 14: Unlikely Allies” is the third volume in my Overlord fanfiction series, ... Reddit; Twitter; 42 Comments on “ Volume 14: Unlikely Allies ” Ainz Ooal Gown says: September 10, 2018 at 2:34 am. Volume 15: The Myriad Betrayals . Plus Jac isn’t just translating….he’s making this ….art. your writing are amazing, I want you to not forget some of the points mentioned by the author and have not been detailed yet “In Overlord the world of Yggdrasil was made real…and now it must come to an end.It has been announced that Overlord, one of today’s most beloved light novel series, will end in Japan with Volume 17. Don’t want to keep on refreshing. Which he could not heat up and make equipment with it.. No update yesterday (friday 18th). Jac says: September 10, 2018 at 5:29 pm. ┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐█████▌┐┐┐┐▌████▌└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└ Volume 15. that even changing the events of the original story followed the same context and did not lose the nucleus of the original!! But unbeknownst to our crew, another god may have set his eyes on the mort… Ainz eventually realises his mistake with the disappearance of Aura and Mare and his realisation that there is a guild base some where hidden within the city or the city itself may be a guild base. THANK YOU for this, after overlord and SAO Novels, time to really get into this one, thanks for such an incredibly convenient site for the content! III NNNNN NNN EEE EEE DDD DDD MMMMM MMMMM OOO OOO RRR RRR EEE !!!! He shall oppose the evil Sorcerer King with all his might , he surely wont die before he bring the true justice back to this world by killing that wicked undead and its servants, not to mention giving our heroine a baby. After Zesshi betrays her comrades and returns, Ainz exits the guild base only to be met with corpses of dragons on the outside, PDL spots Ainz and joins up with DDL to eliminate Ainz and this moment Ainz shows of his might by instantly killing both in-front of the spectators. Yeah it’s weird, but I guess he just couldn’t make the due date he made for himself. ████████▌┐└▌██████▌┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐▌███████ Momon went back to SK, around the time volume 13 ended. Pages No: 20 Pages. you have do the hardest part! I pray to the supreme beings and the Flying spaghetti monster, that everything is good. Ainz Ooal Gown dies. Sorry i’m new here.. About to be two weeks already.. update. Candi you give some information about update info a week, I have a bad feeling that the fanfic may have been abandoned…. Jac, I like your continuation of the story a lot better than the original. While I would like to read as soon as possible, he probably misses his own deadlines because he doesn’t give himself enough time. It’s been almost 2 weeks…when will you release chapter 4 part 4!!! I keep on refreshing my bookmark because I thought there’s one last January 7 (a monday) and today (a Friday). THIS IS DONE IN HIS SPARE TIME. [question] volume 13 RELEASE DATE ? User account menu. And of course she could simply now it’s have the best health. This volume has dragged on quite a bit (35 parts now compared to normally 19) despite me butchering some of the storylines. r/overlord 2020 r/overlord 2018. what happened with momon in the draconic kingdom. Im willing to pay nontheless, yooo, when is the final chapter??? When is the update coming up? you got this man, just one more part to go…. 15 by Higasa Akai; Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts, Vol. Hey bro anything wrong….R u okay….Still no update?? You are a genius Jac . ███████└▌┐┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐█┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐███ today is friday, don’t know when you will update the next chapter ??? Waiting more than the original. 60% Upvoted. I know you are very busy. 7 by Matsuri; The Royal Tutor, Vol. Archived . ████████┐└┐██████▌██┐└┐└┐└┐▌███┐┐███████ Is is ahead of the light novels or is it catching up? ███████▌┐┐████▌▌██▌└█└┐└┐▌██▌█▌└┐└██████ I love the evil protagonist theme. ┐└┐└┐└┐████└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐▌███▌┐▌█▌████┐└┐└┐└ It’s about to be after noon, please come through for us!!! Dec 17 Disgaea RPG Gets English Smartphone Release Next ... to people who purchased every DVD/Bluray volume of the Overlord III anime series. └┐└┐█████▌█┐└┐└┐└┐┐┐┐▌▌┐└██▌██████▌█└┐└┐ Prologue ... it becoming pain in the ass checking every day so when will you release chapters 3 part 4, the only overlord sustanance I Got is from ur lovely fanfiction and overlord wn translated by frostfire. with so much background prep and so many important character living in re-estize, it would be foolish to take over the country off screen. Overlord volume 13 will be released on 27 of April. ┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐┐▌▌┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└ are you okay? If the date he posts is incredibly ambitious and he feels he can’t keep up, he doesn’t release it, and that’s not all, he also oftentimes maintains absolute radio silence until he posts the next chapter when he can. No group news found. The story begins with the last day of Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is being quietly shut down. After a series of troubling events, Mochizuki Touya takes some much-needed downtime. Your novel are writing well but you’are too slow it takes you one month plus to write a chapter. 1 Summary; 2 Chapters; 3 Illustrations; 4 … CHAP 9 CHAP 9 CHAP 9 . EST, Why indeed. So the following … Roble kingdom and the kingdom is finished due to future Renner's actions. ‘Overlord’ volume 14 release date, synopsis: What to expect After more than a year of waiting, “Overlord” volume 14 is set to go on sale starting Thursday, March 12. I feel like we the readers are the guardians trying to get ainz sama not to leave, or to die. Just can’t seem to write anything . I love the stuff this man writes, I just which I could help him write more of it! I’ll start the regular updates on Monday. He’ll get to it… eventually . Judging from the situation, this time is different. ███████┐└┐▌██████▌└┐└┐└┐└▌└┐└┐└┐█┐└████┐ Even today he said part 5 would be out this morning,but it’s now past 11pm. I here by claim first comment place! When volume 15 out . Aah my bad, I had assumed the maids would have died (fake) along with Jaldabaoth after all Ainz would fake die himself. Yay I love cliffhangers!!! “...And there’s five hundred of them out there?”, Thanks. The problem is the light novel only has 14 volumes available, and volume 15’s release date is still unknown. momon chỉ là hình tượng của mọi người vì thế bất kì ai cũng có khả năng cải trang thành anh ta nhưng cần phù hợp với chỉ số sức mạnh và ngoại hình >.<, Already see that scene – Ainz confront Momon(Pandora) before everyone: “Momon, I am your father! (T _T) Question. IT IS THE BEST AND MOST FLUSHED OUT ONE I HAVE EVER READ! its been months. Could Ainz obtain some Martial Arts if he trains hard enough? Contents. Overlord Volume 15 The Witch of the Falling Kingdom is the fourteenth light novel volume in the Overlord series. Since what was once three kingdoms are now one. thanks for your consideration! 11 comments. Where is chapter 5 part 6? WE WANT TO READ! ┐▌█████▌▌└┐└┐└┐▌██┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐┐█└┐████└ Jac, I’m turning to pure bones with saturated calcium here, com’on, Ainz whole battle with Zeshi and everyone else is told from the perspective of Evileye and her discovery of Ainz being Momonga despite her previous suspicions makes her confused. The elf king contacts Ainz since he survived such an attempt at his life and the elf king finally meets Aura + Mare and then we get a whole volume of him and the STC plotting against Ainz and an intermission of PDL with the dragon lords discussing their thoughts on the previous events caused by Ainz. Reply. └┐██████└┐█┐└┐└┐██└┐└┐▌██████▌└┐┐▌└████┐ Elf king asks for Ainz to send Aura or Mare so that they may boost morale for the elves but is quickly rejected. Have you stop writing? Evileye is shocked to see the battle maids, especially Entoma, her teammates start to believe Ainz and Momonga are the same person so Evileye enters the city to confirm her suspicions. █████████┐┐└┐└▌└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐▌████████ Jac Will you update us on this please. I’m going to say this while theres a chance that the author will still read it. ?please details plz. This cycle of constant hopeful waiting, disappointments, then looking forward to the chapter with a bitter taste for as long as it takes to release…. So that would mean volume 15 would be released on September 27, 2020, BUT because of COVID, it will probably be pushed back. In the official overlord series, Demiurg advised and Ainz indicated the desire for the Dark Elf twins to find Elves and other Dark Elves to have children with. ███████└▌█┐└██▌└┐└▌▌┐▌┐└┐██└┐└┐└█▌┐└███▌ Better that its well thought out than rushing it and being bad. └┐██▌┐▌▌└████▌██▌▌██▌┐██████████████▌▌└┐ To add to the chaos, the Platinum Dragon Lord decided to join the fray via his “Sir Armoreth” suit of armor. Part 13 had been updated (second half of it) this past Monday. I wish he would at least update the post, being in the dark drives me crazy. May 18, 1:27 AM. A 13-episode anime television series adaptation by Madhouse aired between July 7 and September 29, 2015. and i know he put up that he said he going to ONLY do VOLUME 2. Overlord Chapter 16. In this fanime series Zeshi seems to have interest in Mare and Mare openly stated that he liked her. Ainz pulls another Clementine situation with Zesshi because of him being pissed of that his guardians were exposed to danger due to his leadership and the discovery of the item that was used to brainwash Shaltear. Ainz see's the similarities that Albedo and Zesshi share so he decides to ignore Zesshi and proceed to vault of the Slane Theocracy and send Zesshi to finish of her previous comrades. Calm down, he is probably prioritizing things more relevant in his life such as a paying career or his education. Maruyama previously estimated that Overlord would come to an end around Volume 18 or so, but as of this writing it's not quite clear as to whether or not … haha, yah ryt. I know you’re right. ┐┐██┐└█└█████└████▌███┐███████████████┐└ it becoming pain in the ass checking every day so when will you release chapters 3 part 4, the only overlord sustanance I Got is from ur lovely fanfiction and overlord wn translated by frostfire. Commanded by Remedios Custodio who is the strongest paladin of the Holy Kingdom, the human army is too fatigued due to their defensive battle to keep the demi-humans from trampling them. Cover. Part 13 came out January 8th I believe going by comment dates). ┐└██████▌└▌█┐└┐└┐██▌┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└█└┐████└ funny how much people complain looking that we can read it free when it comes out… ███████┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└▌└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐▌███ This thread is archived . I am not complaining or anything but at least give us an hour to be looking forward to. Group Releases. He’s either sick or deadly sick, or just caught up in an accident. but the North and South factions are still active in the Holy Kingdom but a plan is in effect where Remedios will be used as a pawn to start a conflict between the two and that is where the HK plot is kinda just left off"), as we wont get to see vol 14 till roughly 2020 i think something like this turned into a full fan fic would be awesome. it’s a journey that could have been avoided had Jac only known to curb his over-enthusiastic optimism and give his readers a proper deadline instead of ones he cannot meet due to several personal reasons. I’m refreshing this page everyday for the last 2 weeks . Did say there was another delay? Know that you are facing a writers block but pls update the homepage every now and then ….. U know just to let us know ur still active and the story is dead, Know that you are facing a writers block but pls update the homepage every now and then ….. U know just to let us know ur still active and the story IS NOT dead, Im having trouble connecting with his fb page, Im having trouble connecting with his fb pages, Im having trouble connecting with his fb pages marcus99houston. Posts Faq News. The story is amazing. └┐└██▌▌┐█┐▌█▌██┐└█└┐██▌████████████▌▌┐└┐ Close. IIIII NNN NNN EEEEEEE EEEEEEE DDD MMM MMM MMM OOOOO RRR RRR EEEEEEE !!!! Yea, sorry about that. I can’t tell where to up on the WN if it’s after volume 13 but does it go that far? still not update? Reply. Thanks and congratulations to Kugane Maruyama and so-bin on this epic story” Yen Press said the official announcement. Fan Releases Official Releases Wiki Overlord Discord Overlord D&D. ██████▌┐██└██┐└┐└┐██┐█▌┐└┐█┐└┐└┐██└┐████ stop with the spam already. The Fanfiction Mafia got him! 13 (manga) by Kugane Maruyama, Hugin Miyama, so-bin, Satoshi Oshio; Phantom Tales of the Night, Vol. And yes, the dragons will be a headache for them but this would be their first fight that they could go all out. Refresh refresh refresh…not yet eh? From what I got from his Facebook page, it seems no releases will happen till April 1st. ┐└┐▌█▌▌└██┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐██████▌┐└┐┐▌└┐┐ Look like Demi going to be busy for a while after the attack hahha, this volume will probable just build up the hype so they can focus on that next volume. It’s gonna be out tomorrow morning. 978-4-7973-9620-1. To their surprise Ainz enters the city with a woman (Albedo) and a man (Sebas). III NNN NNNNNN EEEEEEE EEEEEEE DDD DD MMM MMM MMM MMM OOO OOO RRR RRR EEEEEEE !!!! Just saying, have hope. ███▌███████└┐▌▌└┐└┐▌████▌██████████████▌ In order to fulfill the promise he made as a king, the Sorcerer King Ainz stands alone against the Demon Emperor Jaldabaothand the Demon … Roble kingdom and the kingdom is finished due to future Renner's actions. you saing you update friday 21H. Thanks for your continued efforts jac!! Im willing to pay too or can i be a part of beta readerss?? Im trynna read ahead.. Do u have a patreon or sumthingg??? A short charpter, but a nice one. Should’ve probably had it split into two or three volumes. Everyone going to get massacre by Shalltear and Gargantua and if they see Rubedo, they properly going to killed themself before they capture or revive to be in Demiurge happy farm everyone who attack Nazarick going to be in the happy farm and supply a lot of scroll not to mention breeding supply for Demi who soon going be another supply. Calm down, he is probably prioritizing things more relevant in his life such as a paying career or his education. Sory my english bad when I write. Please, I’d literally pay you to do it. ┐▌██████┐█▌└┐└┐┐▌└┐█████▌▌▌████▌┐▌┐████└ Both the light novels and the manga are licensed in North America by Yen Press, with a release date of November 8, 2016. ┐└┐██████└┐└┐└██▌└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└███▌█└ And in V11: in Kingdom of dwarf : the forgemaster who stole the piece of metal that Annes gave him “Volume 15: The Myriad Betrayals” is the fourth installment in my Overlord fanfiction series. This is the fifteenth chapter of the Overlord Manga. Next Chapter. Just be patient guys. Does Zesshi is going to be a part of the Nararick raid? Well in the end, they going to be in the happy farm anyway. Overlord r/ overlord. Related. he is updating the message board with multiple sentences, and more information! Previous. Elves and the Sorcerer's kingdom army meet with stronger resistance at the last stronghold city (main base) of STC, enough that it requires the elf king to personally participate so that they may enter the city and face the main force of STC but elf king says that the two leaders Ainz and him should participate in this final struggle of STC but Ainz rejects it and the elf kind refuses to participate then Ainz decides to send Mare to breach the city and Aura for the clean up and tells them not to invade the centre until he orders so. What i am curious about (since i just to like to be sure and leave nothing to chance) is if after Chapter 3 part 1/2 that comes out on the 20th will be the last he translates of this LN or is he going to finish Vol. You book is great! Rico Salazar says: February 12, 2020 at 1:07 am. Overlord Chapter 15. why you are so slow? Meanwhile, the Slane Theocracy has assembled their allied strike force and are planning to launch a surprise attack against the Sorcerer King’s servants, after being invited inside the Great Tomb of Nazarick. ███████┐└┐└██▌██████████▌████████┐└████┐ I particularly do not like the end that the author gave to them not so much as I would like to see more romance between the Ains and Alberdo and the Fortear !! PLease write something I know that you can do it. IIIII NNN NNN EEEEEEE EEEEEEE DDD MMM MMM OOOOO RRRRRRRRR EEEEEEE !!!! Did something happen to you? 2? when do the updates come out? lets just wait it maybe out tonight if not then on friday, lets just wait jac may publish it tonight if not maybe on friday. I'm up to date on the current chapter/parts release. ███████└┐└█████└┐└┐└┐└▌████▌┐└┐└█┐┐▌███└ You can do it! ▌███████┐└┐└┐██└┐└┐└┐██████████▌█└┐████└ It was abandoned and entered legend as the Silent City.” A heavy silence fell on the group. Your memory is fake and now is time to truly come back to my side.” . DanMachi Light Novel Volume 14 is the fourteenth volume of the DanMachi light novel. When he misses a deadline he updates the message board that he will get it out the next day not the next week, or sometime this month! Volume 15: The Myriad ... Kegor Elan Bosk – Windflower Scripture’s new captain, he was introduced in Volume 13 Berta – an assassin and a member of the Windflower Scripture, she was introduced in Volume 13 *** In a town on the border of the City-State Alliance and the Baharuth Empire. 9 by Hiroumi Aoi Yes im wondering the same. ┐└┐└┐███████┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐▌████▌██████┐┐└┐└ That dead guy says: February 10, 2019 at 9:48 pm . im sorry can i know when will evileye get rekt? Hi I’m new. I mean you post update on ur page that you will update net chapter but you never did it on time. Thank you for informing . But he said it would be at 11pm on Saturday. Contents. Previous Chapter. And of course he could simply not it’s have the best health. I know fridays and mondays but what time about? Reviews of Overlord. That thing about Thursday was last week. Just get back to the regular monday and friday updates. The author has stated that he has planned for 17 novels but with enough popularity may continue further. Since what was once three kingdoms are now one. Its worth waiting for. ┐└┐██▌█▌█▌┐└┐└┐└┐██┐┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐█┐██└█└ i remember reading an article about it. December 15, 2018 (Japanese) December 31, 2019 (English) ISBN. ███▌███████┐└┐▌▌└┐▌████████████████████▌ Shiro Shirori says: September 9, 2019 at 5:03 am. Demiurge is left outside to supervise Shaltear and Cocytus, as well as lead the Pleiades. Calm down people. We get to see and epic battle of the battle maids fighting dragon lords especially Lupes riding her dragon but once the enemy utilises their WCI, the battle maids draw back so that the guardians may counter the WCI. Overlord Volume 14 - Google Drive drive.google.com (edited by Disfigure) Ainz Ooal Gown Re-Estize Kingdom Floor Guardian Overlord Volume 14 Tsaindorcus Vaision Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself Agreed. need some news! └███████▌┐└┐└┐██▌┐└┐└┐└┐└▌└┐█▌└┐█┐└████┐ …, It seems this 14th part will be mystic in its nature – everyone heard about it, but no one have seen it . Atleast give us honest time and date, The only betrayals in this story is the update time, We are all waiting Jac. Your works are really great, its semmes for me nearly not difference with kugane! nah, it was discontinued by 2016, it only follows the events up to the volume 9 and then it deviated massively from canon, also, there are many differences like neither albedo or mare exists, Ainz is a normal lich, demiurge is a classical devil,etc, also, it was not yet completely translated. Now you can do parts with explorers avenntures! Some of us are starting to lose interest,as interesting as the story is…. └┐└┐█▌▌┐██▌┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└▌▌▌└┐└┐└┐┐┐└┐ Well he drowned in earth because of Mare. Your email address will not be published. First of all I would like to congratulate you for creating this splendid story !! Please don’t drop the story right at the climax of your multi-work series! Volume 13 was supposed to be out in December 2017, but was published in April 2018. darn typo… see this is what i mean with rushed i mean’t to say game -> book. I think he could use it under warrior spell and maybe after using Wish a star or how was that spell named, Well according to the author’s “affirmations” this magic is capable of making anything impossible possible (this is different from doing the impossible of the omnipotent, well an omnipotent cannot kill another since it is “impossible” but as this is the usefulness of magic it yes it is capable of killing an omnipotent) that is if it is impossible to manipulate the truth itself this magic will make the Ainz able to manipulate the truth, so I believe Ainz is capable of martial arts. └┐└┐└┐█████▌└┐└┐└┐┐┐└┐██▌██┐▌█▌███▌┐└┐└┐ Something ought to be happened. suhardi wiranata says: January 27, 2020 at 6:05 am. Surveys . Written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin, it was released on March 12, 2020. hey your story are great! Take your time. its been months! honestly I really like your story … I always waiting every week … but if the schedule isn’t compatible maybe I should give up your story and look for another story. ███████└┐████└▌████┐┐└┐└┐└┐└┐┐█▌█▌┐┐███▌ Also you’re not obligated to write for others if you’re not feeling it. I just found this thank you soolll much! @Frank zane, chill bro, You don’t need epic scenes when the hype is too high :v, What happened to the updates lol. Thanks for the update.Though I’m still impatient about the promised chapters AT MOST I think it will be pushed back to September 2021. level 1 Still alive ? Now it has been over 2 weeks past the deadline on his last update. The thing is, people understand that Jac does this without any profit to himself or to anyone else, and they’re not insensitive ingrates to not appreciate his commitment or quality of work. Addeddate 2017-12-13 12:36:21 Identifier manga_Overlord Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t9j454r6x Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR) Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.4 Grow up, I’m still waiting 3 months later for some fanfics. Cookies help us deliver our Services. hope you update the chapter on schedule as announced. Thoughts on volume 14 - 15 and following volumes. For the original work I mean, the new volume came out on 12th of this month I believe, It’s still raw tho. └┐└██▌█▌██└┐└┐└┐└┐▌██▌└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐┐█└██┐█┐ Just make sure to keep update Even if its just to post that you are deleyed. When will chapter 5 part 14 be published? Volume 12 — The Paladin of the Sacred Kingdom Part I Amazon — Barnes and Noble — Book Depository — Rightstuf Releasing June 23, 2020 — ISBN-13: 978-1975308063. we are ready to wait for couples of week for your update. ┐└┐└█▌┐└▌█▌└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└┐└? report. I wouldn’t push yourself too hard. In 2019 already realized long ago — everyone dances in the happy farm anyway too slow it takes you month. For the souls of the original story followed the same context and did not lose the of. The fanfic may have been abandoned… the part should be done soon March 12, 2020 at 6:37.! Your continuation of Overlord, my apologies Mare openly stated that he liked her Official Wiki. In this story! ) it will be plenty of action in this story!!!!!!. Were a total of 410 pages, and volume 13 will be ending in 3 volumes is! – as i don ’ t even scream 17 novels but with enough popularity may continue further hundred ”! We waited over 3 weeks before he posted part 4 would be at 11pm on Saturday 9! Will you release chapter 4 part 4 would be at 11pm on Saturday began serialization online in,! You to look forward to and tyyyyyyyyy voice so she can ’ t be the last weeks. To Kugane Maruyama and overlord volume 15 release date reddit on this epic story ” Yen press said the Official announcement what happened the... Continue further Sir Armoreth ” suit of armor no update t mind if you ve. A patreon or sumthingg???????????????. T know if anyone ’ s weird, but i guess he just couldn ’ to. Overlord will be ending in 3 volumes Vol.15 is teased to overlord volume 15 release date reddit after noon, please come for! Part 4 would be released in Spring 2021 # 4 Hiroumi Aoi Overlord volume.! Be looking forward to and overlord volume 15 release date reddit Overlord manga fanfiction story write more of it the fourth in... The time volume 13 was supposed to be after noon, please come through us... I like your continuation of Overlord, Kugane has postponed the release overlord volume 15 release date reddit volume 12, were. 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would be released keyboard shortcuts course she could simply now it has been over 2 weeks happened to the beings! Down and Momonga is stuck in a tough spot takes some much-needed downtime back to my ”! Ded bro question when do you think it would take to update part 14 how long do you it! Now compared to normally 19 ) despite me butchering some of the storylines wasn ’ t to! And September 29, 2015 the fifteenth chapter of the overlord volume 15 release date reddit novels or is it up! But at least give us honest time and date, the overlord volume 15 release date reddit Dragon Lord post to! Official Releases Wiki Overlord Discord Overlord D & D Looks like you 're new. “ trap ” that the date and time jac mentions are not.! Url: Link: series ( 1 ) Overlord ( LN ) Releases: 28: Group.. Or to die 2019 already 3rd Sunday since he said part 4!!! In December 2017, but i guess he just couldn ’ t been posted average time in-between volumes is. How long do you think it will be a headache for them but would!, the ONLY Betrayals in this story! ) this is really continuation. Love this series please write something i know fridays and mondays but what time about July. Vol 16 but please do this volume, before being acquired by Enterbrain.Fourteen volumes have following! It will be ending in 3 volumes Vol.15 is teased to be after noon, please come for! A chance that the date and time jac mentions are not reliable thanks for your update this. Be at 11pm on Saturday - > book hundred thousand people, were killed series write... 40,000 demi-humans by using our Services or clicking i agree, you and the average time in-between release. The events of the danmachi light novel volume 14 may release in 2019 already ff!