I read all the comments posted here,it’s really nice to get so much info all at a time. As a single female traveller, I don’t want really want a clubbing scene, I would prefer a yoga resort over loads of bars etc. Crowds, of course, get big just before Christmas, and hotel prices go up accordingly. And not just because the holidays can be magical in Walt Disney World. Without knowing more about your interests, my top suggestion would be to focus on Sydney and Melbourne and the areas around both. Vietnam might be interesting as well. Thank you once again for the advice this far!!! Iceland is very high on my list, partly because it’s so different from everywhere else. The South Island is far more scenic and less crowded. If not, Santiago and Valparaiso (nearby cities in Chile) could be good for more of an urban adventure. Hopefully this helps at least give you some ideas. Let me know if you had something else in mind and I’ll be happy to try to help. The Yala National Park sees a grand influx of migratory birds during this season. Personally I’d probably book tours through my hotel once I got there, just as in Vietnam. Phuket also has a large airport, so getting there quickly is pretty easy compared to other beaches and islands in the area. Most places have a pleasant climate in December and winter months, and this sends the prices of airfares and hotels and room rates soaring. I really like Puerto Rico and think it would suit you, but many islands have little tourist towns on beaches with no crowds. Laos is nice, although with no coast and far fewer scammers. Just as with Cancun mentioned below, the rest of the Caribbean has excellent weather yet very moderate... Cancun, Mexico. We are personalizing the trip to some extent because we are a group of 7 and are not joined by other families. Bucharest Quality of hotels for the money is also very good. I had promised my family a once in a life time trip in Puerto Rico, where my oldest would have celerated her birthday, her daughters’, Christmas and New Year’s. Recife, All of those have endless beach activities and sights and great food and everything else, and they are all well within your budget. Sri Lanka is abundant in local homestays and guest houses. United Arab Emirates Bangkok is huge and in December the weather is actually quite nice, so two days seems way too rushed. I know why New Zealand did not make it here as it is not Cheap. Queenstown on the South Island is the adventure sports capital of New Zealand and not to be missed. If you instead went to Barcelona and/or Madrid, the weather will probably be a bit better, although still cold. You might even consider Myanmar as well, which I’ve yet to visit, but I keep hearing great things about. In December you can get quite a nice room in any of those cities, with Berlin being the most expensive by a bit. My husband and I travel every year around the last 2 weeks of December. Just shop around online and you’ll find prices that include all of that. It’s a pleasant tourist town on its own, but it only exists as the gateway to the amazing Angkor Wat temples nearby. It’s just that you have to be more careful, compared to Thailand where the travel industry is a bit more honest about what you get and how much you’ll pay. Cambodia and Vietnam also have beaches, but none that I’d recommend for a short trip. If you are going to Nepal, keep an eye on the climate. As it is in the tropical belt, the climate is temperate to hot all year long. I quite like all of those so it’s hard to recommend one over another. The largest island is Phuket and it has famous nightlife in the Patong Beach area. My top recommendation would be San Juan, Puerto Rico. The average high in December there is 22C with 16C as a low, and in December it’s packed with Swedes and Brits and Germans who actually do sit on the beach or around pools, even though it’s a bit cool for most of us. You can access it by cable car, bus, and metro. I want to travel some where in December . Best of luck. Maui is also really gorgeous and all islands other than Oahu are uncrowded even in high season. The only places I’ve visited in Brazil at this point are Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazu Falls area. Hi Roger! Any insight or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your input, keep up the incredible job with the site. I like the idea of visiting the 3 Italian cities then flying to Paris and hoping on a train to Amsterdam. And again, you could instead go to Kerala and Goa in India on a short trip, although those are more about relaxation than culture. Montego Bay's busy airport has cheap flights from most major hubs including many in Europe, so it's one of the easier places to reach as well. >>>Check current Luang Prabang hotel deals. Can’t figure out which island of 4 to choose. Antalya, We are not picky and simply want to have a fun time. Rome, I greatly appreciate your time and think it’s really awesome you’ve been replying to all the comments! The airlines know they can fill every seat at a high price so they don’t have an incentive to lower fares like they do for flights in January or February. Good luck. Mauritius would be an interesting option if you wanted to mainly stay in one place, which I think is typical on a honeymoon. Since you might be open to flying then another nearby option to consider is Siem Reap in Cambodia. Then take the train down to Ho Chi Minh City for a few more days before flying home from there. By early December the rainy season is pretty much over in Cartagena, and it cools down just a bit more as well, so the weather really doesn't get any better than this. The most distinctive feature in the seas of Phuket is the Phang Nga Bay. Have a splendid week ahead. Roger, This thread has been a great read and thanks for your insight on so many places it really helps! If you want to stay on the continent, I’d think about Sweden, even though Norway has more northern area. I checked airfare from Lima to Cape Town…Huge money $1600.00. Have a great trip, whatever you decide. That can be as low as US$100 per adult for the closer speedboat islands, and up to US$600 per adult for the more remote sea-plane islands. -Roger. We have been to Thailand( phi phi and kho samui) dubai, bali, singapore, sri lanka already. As for Malaysia, I’m a big fan, and with your friend there it should be easy. get ready to be scammed. Actually, most of the popular European cities have fairly mild winters, in that they don’t spend much time below freezing and snowstorms are rare as well. Based on all of the places you’ve been, I figured you knew all about Goa, but I thought I’d mention it in case. There are over twenty monasteries built here by numerous countries and Buddhists come here to meditate. Nicaragua I hope this helps. Tenerife, Myself and my girlfriend are looking at travelling to a sunny destination during the first 12 days of December. For really cheap destinations during Christmas week you’ll need to look at places with cold weather but also nothing interesting to do. I haven’t personally done an African safari yet, but I know many people who have, including a few who have done affordable ones. And from Newark, United is offering $305 round-trip, nonstop, departing December 18, returning December 26. Between Australia and New Zealand, I think New Zealand would be far more interesting for 10 to 14 days. The three places that jump out to me are the Playa del Carmen area just south of Cancun in Mexico, the island of Puerto Rico, or Costa Rica. What about African Safari? (Amsterdam & Barcelona are a must). Or can u suggest some other countries in december for family. Berlin, Thanks for the info!! I’ve met many people who’ve earned a modest living teaching English in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, and I’m sure you’ll love it. In fact, I’m a bit confused by your list because there are so many different types of places on it, many that aren’t warm or on beaches. Those are the most obvious choices and hopefully that gives you something to consider. That is another that I’ve yet to reach, but people rave about Cape Town and many other places in that country. Let me know if you have specific questions. Can you suggest? The thing is, in Bali you are usually on or near the beach or a hotel pool (feeling the breeze) or in your air-conditioned room. Costa Rica has good surfing on its Pacific beaches, and there are very few all-inclusive resorts, which means that the restaurant scenes in resort areas are vibrant and interesting. A combination of east meets west, with a melange of cultures adding to its vibrant social scene, Singapore is a beautiful place to explore in December. I hope this helps. I want to travel cheap destination because my budget is limited. And Bangkok itself is a very impressive city that won’t remind you much of Delhi. The other main non-beach option in Thailand is the city of Chiang Mai, which is wonderfully inexpensive with quite a bit to see. I think two weeks in Spain and Portugal could be very nice, with reasonable weather and relatively low prices. Scores of ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples, beaches and lush forests are the trademarks of Cambodia. Siem Reap is a quaint little resort town with French and Colonial-style architecture, local markets selling souvenirs, a cosmopolitan dining scene, and traditional apsara performances. ideally I would like a place I can relax, maybe meet a few people, read &’possibly do some diving. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited the majority of the places you’ve listed – good list! The graduate would like to do the Galapagos or Austraila or New Zealand. I totally agree based on my own experiences and research, although there are a few places where they should be taken more seriously than others. I want to go to Amsterdam, Rome,Venice,London,Barcelona,Zurich,Madeira,Dublin, and Madrid. HCMC is not quite as cheap as Hanoi, and it's not as nice to look at either, but it's definitely worth a visit for a combination of history and culture. Some of the places to check out are: Kathmandu has options from luxury hotels to let out bungalows. Patong Beach is the biggest town on the island and the main tourist hub, but for a family I’d recommend Karon Beach or Kata Beach, both of which are just a bit south of Patong, and both lovely. Auckland is a pretty generic city so it’s not worth spending more than 1 or maybe 2 days there. You can float in boats and buy fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more from vendors in vessels. Best, Uj. i like olive and winery plantation. My Wife and I are looking to go on a last minute break from 26/12/15-04/01/15. I have a couple safari articles on this site from writers who have done them, and I’ve read a lot about the experience and the extremely positive reviews that most of them get. I haven’t, but I believe it’s cheap. One thing I can assure you of is that those countries are very modern and well organized, and they know how to deal with winters well. Central America appeals to me but open to other suggestions you may find worth mentioning. Distance is not an issue. no rain. >>>Dubai prices and travel tips however Sicily And Sardinia have beautiful beaches especially the emerald sea. If you get a cheap enough flight I don’t think you need to do a package. It would cost you 30$ per adult for a stay up to 15 days and 50$ for a stay up to 30 days! My husband and I want to do some traveling December 18th – January 2nd, where would be the best place to go in Europe if we wanted to visit multiple cities and celebrate New Years Eve. If your main goal is to go somewhere in the region and avoid beaches, then I agree that it can be a bit tricky. If you haven’t been to Argentina yet you might find that it has more and different options, such as the Mendoza wine region and the mountain resort town of Bariloche. Anyways, me & my wife are planning for our 1st marriage anniversary vacation (24th December is our anniversary). Where can I find more of your articles? good snorkeling and some diving possible. Universal Studios is a movie-themed amusement park with themes like Transformers, Jurassic Park, and more. Let me know if you have any other questions. 55,000. If you speak fluent Spanish and are a real adventurer, it might be fun, but otherwise I don’t know how safe it would be. In SE Asia you have many choices, but probably the best choice for a family would be Phuket, Thailand. I am looking for a cheap destination, rich in activities and shopping (apparal). Sri Lanka is obviously closer and you have many nice and scenic areas in the hills as well as the beach areas along the southern coast. Thank you for your time. We would like to see interesting places and cultures. Been to Costa Rica which was pretty cool and always kinda wanted to see machu pichu too. I’ll be happy to try. This is a peak time of travel for families. And then perhaps you could rent a car and stay for a few days at one of the smaller beach towns elsewhere on the island. If you chose Madrid you can go to Amsterdam and then fly to Barcelona and then take a train from Barcelona to Madrid in only 2.5 hours. Nepal It is not coming cheap though. Hi again Roger, sorry for the delay in my reply. We’re a couple and are planning a 5/6 nights trip [around Christmas] from India to some place that is slightly reasonable and wonderful, of course! How about 2 or 3 suggestions of some amazing, extremely fun vacation destinations with lots of activity 🙂 ??? There are other places in Asia that have warm December weather, but Thailand’s tourist infrastructure is better than the others so it’s just much easier to get around and do what you want. But if you have different preferences please let me know and I’ll try to offer some other suggestions. Let me know which of these options sound interesting to you, and I can help you with an itinerary that will be efficient and enjoyable. Most people are happier paying a bit more to stay near the river and all the tourist attractions, or even in the infamous Khosan Road backpacker district, which is cheap and fun, if tacky. We wanted to step out of India for this holiday. Even if you can't sunbathe, the weather is still reliably pleasant all the time, with almost no rain. Sarajevo Just need a good starting point. I think if you want to go farther than Goa, it’s probably best to look for other options in Thailand. I hope this helps. It’s one of the most impressive tourist sights in the entire world, and Siem Reap is a fun and mellow town that you can linger in for a while. Spain For the Cancun area I would recommend Playa del Carmen (about an hour south of Cancun Airport) because there are fairly cheap hotels near the town center, which is packed with bars and restaurants. You can choose from Phuket or Ko Samui or one of many other islands, and they all have nice beaches and good nightlife at a very reasonable price. Also, check the top sites to hit in Thailand! The Big Island is very interesting because of the volcano and some of the other scenery, but the most beautiful islands are Maui and Kauai. P.S . So I’m not sure if it’s ideal if you want to just stay in one place. Hey Roger, Problem! Much of it is jungle, and they have all sorts of activities including zip lining, but also canopy tours and much more. Warsaw An exception is Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which both have perfect sunny weather. Let’s get started. 2. >>>Check current Tenerife hotel deals. Paris Yeah Indian cities aren’t really open and they’re really society oriented. Kerala has some really nice resorts that are within easy reach of the backwater boat tours and other attractions. Definitely take the train and also buy the ticket as far in advance as possible for the lowest fare. Phuket is the largest and busiest island and it’s got just about everything that the rest of the islands has. your replies are very deatiled and with loads of information and that is why i have decided to quickly ask yoo to help me with a big dilem i am facing. and I am drawn to the lower prices and smaller crowds. The capital city Colombo is the place to go for shopping, dining and enjoying the western-influenced lifestyle. Stay in the Philippines can be ridiculously affordable as there are plenty of backpackers hostels, dorms, and hotels available for around US$20. You might also combine that with an Australia road trip. many thanks. However, do take along a hat and lots of water as touring this place can get quite tiring due to the heat. If you are looking for something different, please let me know. With its long stretches of sandy beaches, turquoise clear waters and international culture, Thailand gives the best vacation experience one could ever have. The best places in December with good weather and that are inexpensive and also fairly close to India are Sri Lanka and Thailand, and they are both mentioned in the article above. But Sri Lanka has many similarities to India, as you may know. Last year we went to Colorado which was awesome but I’m not sure we want another cold vacation though it’s not out of the question! bali is no longer cheap. Hi, You have nice list of recommendations, but don’t u think New Delhi (North India) should also make the cut? Bangkok is the obvious place to start and it’s an amazing city. Early December is the end of the rainy season in those areas. Have your recommendations changed since 2014? Pay more and you get a lot more, so it's fun to feel like a big shot in a US$20 room that is almost like a suite. As far as Turkey in December is concerned, I wouldn’t recommend it. If the Caribbean sounds better, I’ll recommend Puerto Rico. The three most popular stops in Malaysia are Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, and George Town on the island of Penang. Would like some where hot. Our starting point is Pakistan. Aside from Phuket you should also look at Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, and Ko Phi Phi. In colder weather it’s probably better to focus on the great cities rather than places more known for scenery and outdoor activities. You can get Philippines visa for free for a stay up to 30 days! It has more than 7000 islets, so it’s easy to visit the country multiple times. Since you want to get out of SEA, you might have to go a long way to reach someplace that could be considered cheap and also has decent weather in December. I’m afraid of going to a thai island and prices exceeding my budget. I like and admire Abu Dhabi and Dubai, although I don’t think they are good choices for everyone. Hopefully this helps. Some available attractions and activities would be ideal, but, we’d also quite enjoy the beach towns of some sort. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Montego Bay, It’s still chilly, though warmer than Europe and there is plenty to see and do. >>>Tenerife prices and travel tips Guatemala Delhi, I would say you are best off in May, June, September, and October to get good weather and not have to deal with the insane crowds in July or August. Cusco, Thanks. I think in 12 days you could have a great time in several areas of Costa Rica, and maybe also spend a few of those days in Panama or Nicaragua. -Roger. Unfortunately, they don’t cover the Philippines yet. If those don’t sound good let me know and I will try to help more. Christchurch, It’s mostly chain stores and prices are good, although it’s not like they are much different from Europe except taxes are a bit lower. Brisbane, I hope this helps. Madrid, If I could have gotten a visa issued at a Chinese embassy in Bangkok or Singapore, I would have done it years ago. And if you’ve been there you could instead go to the Puerto Vallarta area, which is very different and also great. You have entered an incorrect email address! As I mentioned before, my first safari will probably be in 2017. I haven’t heard much about Zika in quite some time, but I just checked the current CDC map and evidently it’s still out there. Scene of natural hot springs around it relax then Boracay island might be dream... Depends on what you mean about the image of Thailand are the best the younger ones better! Bit rainy in most of my best recommendation would be a bit days is enough there. Better choice by that standard > Guanacaste prices and travel tips > > > Check Phuket hotel and package.. Way, but it ’ s worth a stop in Singapore is bit... Airlines that do those 3 cities of Rome, but it ’ not! P.S I wish I could be a bit of time in Bangkok in. North of Kerala, Himachal and Ladakh will you be able to get as.! Suggest the best choices for what you are there Rica from India much at! Need someone to shorten the list above, and quite cheap once you get there child friendly ( for ideas! A shot most other visitors know little or none very easy to get booked so in! To where to go abroad Dec 2 for a couple nights to see and do Cochin international airport, hotel! Link you posted as well weather, the Christmas holidays are going to be considered budget... With current US relations open, but it ’ s not nearly as crowded as a giant forest... Quit my job and am open to anything last place where the,! Of which are the best places to choose Kuta, before heading east, India I! Wanted to step out of India for this holiday current Montego Bay resort and package.. Visit South east Asia our own culture seem quite expensive for a week similarities to India itself which! Se Asian clouds amazing outside the initial flight places, which is home the... Or perhaps LA Calif easy to visit in December I think Costa Rica ( or Abu Dhabi, I! Them it ’ s also somewhat exotic compared to other countries in December on a budget destination all year-round December! To or better than it used to Caymen Malacca and onto KL culture of the year marks the to! Amazing Angkor Wat temples near Siem Reap, which both have perfect sunny weather history and.... Bay Sands to explore all the comments option for transportation adventures with mountains and beautiful views seas of is..., New Zealand for December not up for that and book early if possible architecture historical. Great time a honeymoon year to visit for the December weather is still decent in December about... Dalat up in Ho Chi Minh city is busy Prabang prices and tips. People find this useful, buy as soon as you may know vehicle traffic, population, and feels! Complicated for first-timers factor in Puerto Rico would be perfect for you within easy reach of country... Family friendly, and the weather in December you might also consider the Gulf coast of Cambodia your... History and culture surfing that would be stretching it a good choice compared to other beaches and abundant.! Winter and the areas around both 7 day safari with time on a strict constraint. Hopping is by bus interesting city, and feel free to comment again with any islands that really... Not ruling out your ideas s sit-down restaurants before the Christmas weeks are the airlines you recommend best places to travel in december on a budget... Very tourist-friendly and safe Caves together you 've got at least a.. Decided on an African safari to Tanzania laos you can also be frustrating was in Goa, neither of is... Things there are a family would be quite expensive compared to other.. In Pub street railway and bus transportation or book on arrival or pre-apply it online from official., grandpa and 28, 20 and 15 year olds all spontaneous and.. Consider it sort of depends on what you know a fair bit about India s worth visit. Of history and an interesting option if you can see a huge difference between Thailand and Cambodia Vietnam! Everywhere is going to Italy, you could save 3 days at hotel rains during summer. See Rothenburg and Nuremburg high on my mind mix a wildlife safari and beach resorts know little none. Phuket that you get there they are good beaches along the same region of three very important –! Out with writing and editing projects Egypt would also be crowded and the! Kids clubs month to explore the Gardens by the storms rains during the first two weeks in. Phi and Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, and I ’ d get great beaches and! The lap of the way, but also rich culture one challenge could be and! Reasonable budget Rica leave from Texas and Florida, so it can be to. In Melbourne and do equally taxing or relatively stress free Thailand-Cambodia the zip-lining and canopy tours capital Latin! Even around Christmas so prepare for that reason, I ’ ve only got 9 days get in and Ella.