We're struggling with it at the moment trying to get our community metrics into adobe. As an Adobe customer with one or more solutions in the Digital Marketing Cloud, you automatically have access to the Profiles & Audiences Core Service. I have gone through multiple articles on how to integrate Adobe Analytics with Salesforce. Stoke. Thanks for your merge suggestion. Analytics Builder provides unmatched customer data management and analytics capabilities to put each individual customer at the heart of every campaign. Advanced workflows. - 2 years ago, Thomas Klopfer If you are looking to get a better, more detailed view of your audience and how they interact with your brand across multiple channels, then Adobe Analytics is a great tool for that. Give it an upvote or downvote. Fivetran loads Adobe Analytics (Omniture) and Salesforce data into your warehouse so that it’s easy to create joins using SQL. Adobe Analytics + Salesforce Integration Now Available For Download. You can configure AEM to post leads to Salesforce and create components that access data directly from Salesforce. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. Has anyone implemented Adobe Analytics into their SalesForce Community. Submit Client Context variables as conversion variables or traffic properties. "[Adobe and Salesforce] have many shared customers," Raab said. Has anyone implemted this? Help us to keep IdeaExchange clean by pointing out overlapping ideas. For privacy and security reasons, the final outcome of an abuse case may not be revealed to the person who reported it. AA + SFDC Integration quickly connects down funnel conversions and customer attributes from Salesforce CRM into Analysis Workspace in Adobe Analytics. Configure customer attributes and integrate both lead and contact data. This single integration takes what can often be an 8-12+ month process for closed-loop and turns it into a 3-6 month process that could theoretically be done sooner if prioritized properly internally. Automatically sync new leads with Adobe Analytics for a real-time synchronization. San Francisco, CA 94105 - 2 years ago, ANDREA CASANO . You’ll be able to see status for leads and opportunity stages in multiple dimensions. Our integration sends your Salesforce CRM data into Adobe Analytics on a daily basis at the time you specify. Watch Queue Queue. You’ll be able to see status for leads and opportunity stages in multiple dimensions. - 1 year ago, Brent Ferree The definitions used by Google and Adobe are totally different, which means it really is impossible to merge the data from both sources or track users across properties. Easily integrate Adobe Analytics with Salesforce Service Cloud. Seamlessly integrate Salesforce® with Adobe Analytics. Thank you for your feedback. GA 360 & Salesforce Integration Use Case #5: Optimize Search Marketing Performance. Is the Salesforce platform not open? This would be great to collectively track users activity within Salesforce and combine with other analytics capture in the Adobe Analytics platform. Integrating with Salesforce. - 2 years ago, Richard Eggleston 2. Easily integrate Adobe Analytics Live Stream with Salesforce Service Cloud. By fueling a data lake with Fivetran connectors, your company will unlock profound insights. United States. Learn More >. Integrate Adobe Analytics with Salesforce Data Import & Integration It would be very useful to understand user behavior, adoption, and utilization of functionality within Salesforce.com. Now you can integrate your Salesforce CRM data with Adobe Analytics for immediate access to down-funnel conversions from MQL to closed deals. GA 360 blows Adobe Analytics out of the water for Salesforce closed loop. My vendor is suggesting this could work to track individual member journeys.